October 17, 2003

4:50 PM Tape HeadsIf yesterday’s photo wasn’t enough to remind you, the second season of SOAP TALK is taping furiously, and DAYS fans will be happy to know it will be liberally sprinkled with various cast members — Judi Evans (Bonnie; ex-Paulina, AW) taped earlier today, and Eric Winter (Rex) will be taping tomorrow afternoon. (So y’all fans who know where the studio is, now you know how to find him….) As for when those shows will air, that’s still to be determined — but keep an eye out at this page!And that’s it for this week, soapfans! Have a great, soapy weekend….2:52 PM She’s Got That LookWe reminded B&B editor Devin that when he went to the show’s set today that he should make sure to keep an eye out for cool things y’all might want to know. He wrote us back with a small tipoff from his last visit — he said that Adrienne Frantz (Amber) is sporting a new look that’ll debut on November 6, and that fans should “be sure to tune in.” Devin’s been covering the B&B beat (the B&B B?) for over six years, and says he didn’t even recognize the actress during a recent set visit. “She looks like a completely different person,” he marveled. “It wasn’t until I heard her voice that I realized she was Adrienne.”Okay, now we’re really curious….10:30 AM Back To The WorldHey, AW fans! Getting excited yet about the SOAPNet show next week, The Another World Reunion Special? We are. Sure, we’re getting some of our AW RDA from the reruns, but seeing these friendly, familiar faces one more time can’t possibly hurt! Our intrepid Tara Shaffer went to the studios for the taping a short while back, and in our upcoming issue (out October 21/issue date October 28), we’ve got short chats with Linda Dano (ex-Felicia), John Aprea (ex-Lucas/Alexander), Stephen Schnetzer (ex-Cass), Kale Browne (ex-Michael), and Ellen Wheeler (ex-Marley/Vicky). (Hey, has anyone noticed Ellen’s name in the ATWT credits lately — as director?) Nice work.But for those of you who haven’t yet made AW a part of your daily life, and might have a few questions about the show, we’d like to introduce you to the site which can fulfill all of your AW dreams: Eddie Drueding’s exhaustively researched, incredibly organized Another World Home Page. If only all the shows had a fan as organized and dedicated as Eddie! A few tidbits from the site:– Ted Danson once appeared on AW! Photographic proof here!
— Part of the lyrics to the theme song went thusly:
You are my way
to Another World
You are the one who helps me fly so high
You are the rain when my spirits run dry
— Ratings in 1968-69 were 10.5 (whoa!)
— Among the list of at least 53 of Felicia Gallant’s novels are: Ebony Heartbeat and For the Love of Poppy
Mighty impressive stuff. As Eddie told us in 1998, he got the site going because “I had to do a school project, I had to make a website about something, and I tried to use AW because I knew a lot about it — I decided to make a home page about how to watch AW, so I made a character guide for all the characters and all the relationships and how that all works. That’s really evolved well over the years. It mushroomed into the entire site: the babies are a good example. I started out with just the date and the baby, and then I included who delivered the baby and where it happened, and then I included photos of the birth.”Over the years, he said, he spoke directly with Victoria Wyndham (ex-Rachel), who was “very receptive and gracious. The feedback I get in official circles is from reporters, and writers, and people who know actors or people in the business like producers and such. What I do know is the [people from the show] consider it a busman’s holiday a lot of the time, and they aren’t interested in seeing what people do for websites for the show. I know when producers do online it’s mostly to check out the message boards to see what people are saying. Which I can understand; Web sites aren’t usually interesting for their purposes. Although, in my case they could use it — soap reporters use it as a reference source. I’d love for the show to use it, of course.”And, naturally, you should use it, too!More soon….

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