October 16, 2003

4:15 PM Cry Me A RiverWell, we’re all sad here at Digest — a water main break in the Bronx has turned some of the roads into rivers … and pre-empted our GH! Those of you outside New York will have to fill in your friends.Scary pre-emptions have got us wondering about scary Halloween costumes … got yours picked out yet? Here’s a costuming that had us falling out of our seats and screaming “no more!” at the same time — yeah, it’s Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway filming a Halloween installment of Soap Talk — they “came” as each other! You know, we’ve had nightmares like this before. Anyway, if you’d like to know what else to expect on that show, B&B’s Adrienne Frantz (Amber) will chat and demonstrate a favorite recipe, while PASSIONS’s Juliet Mills (Tabitha) will also put in an appearance. Somehow, we doubt they’ll be dressed like each other, too, but you never know….1:35 PM Dress You UpHey, Julia Barr (Brooke, AMC) fans — particularly those with a little extra cash: Here’s your chance to own a gown she wore on the show — or to get yourself an autographed photo! Head on over to the Fund for Animals to bid on the dress she wore during the Libidizone storyline. But act fast — it won’t be up for very much longer. (And, for those of you with smaller budgets, you can also bid on an autographed photo of Ms. Barr.)Meanwhile, here in our office today we have another visitor — our analyst to the stars, Maria Shaw! She’s giving us great and interesting insta-analyses about our charts and signs and lucky numbers and so forth, which has been both delighting and tweaking us out. Who knew you could get so much out of a birthdate? Meanwhile, some of us are looking forward to that extra money she’s promising in 2006…. So, if you’re interested in more, pick up Ms. Shaw’s books, which include Heart and Soul: Maria Shaw’s Karmic Love And Compatibility Guide and The Enchanted Soul. She’s also got a Web site, at www.mariashaw.com….9:30 AM Don’t Believe Everything You Read (On The Internet)Okay, so there is great speculation about whether Thaao Penghlis (Tony) has been let go from DAYS. Part of this speculation has been fueled by an “email” purportedly sent out by his official Web site to members of a list, allegedly written by the actor and confirming his exit. The email also asked fans to write in to save him. Well, now we know the truth: As Digest went to press last night, we got a call from the DAYS publicity office, informing us that it was false. Though the show still had no comment about his leaving, they did confirm that the missive was not penned by the actor.For the real scoop, make sure to keep an eye on Thaao’s official site: thaao.com or just wait for your handy-dandy Digest to arrive — we’ll have the real story.More to come!

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