October 14, 2003

4:37 PM Going Bare HuntingOkay, so as is getting to be common knowledge by now, Ty Treadway has decided that co-hosting SoapTalk and being a newlywed just isn’t enough to keep him busy — so he’s coming back to OLTL as Troy. (Okay, we don’t know if that’s why he’s coming back, but there has to be some good reason, right?) Over the weekend, the news broke just as our editor Stephanie Sloane was taping a segment on SoapTalk (which will air in early November), and she was given the honor of breaking the news to the audience. She was not, told, however, how Troy is getting out of St. Ann’s for the occasion, but we’re hoping it involves a lot of shirt-ripping. Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) is fulfilling the bare-chested hole in our lives since Treadway left OLTL, but still, you can never have too much of a good thing, right? Right? Look for our chat with Mr. Treadway in an upcoming news section — Ms. Sloane is chatting with him this very afternoon!1:19 PM Signs Of The TinesWe like visitors! And today, the Digest office had ourselves a drop-in guest: Y&R’s Corbin Bernsen, who recently played Paul’s brother Todd for several episodes. And in real life, he plays — because he is — the son of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine). (In case you’re wondering: Yes, he is that tan in person, and is somewhat taller than what we had expected.) So just what was the former L.A. Law hunk doing here? Well, aside from enjoying our freshly-brewed coffee (actually, he had a glass of water), there’s a project he’s asking Digest for a little help on — and it involves your favorite soap stars! But that’s all we can say for now. Stay tuned for more, very soon.Now, as promised: A little peep behind the scenes at St. Jude’s — as anyone who attended must know by now, it was packed. Solid! Our intrepid editors Jen and Melissa were having a hard time even getting around. At last: They managed to snag a little food from the buffet, then couldn’t track down utensils to save their lives. Fortuately, they were about to find help in the guise of Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal, ATWT): Slipping backstage from the fray, Jen ran into the actor, who grabbed some forks and knives out of the actors’ VIP area. Kind, generous and an Emmy-winner … you can’t get better than that. For more scoopage and who came with who and who left with who — that’s what we’re working on this afternoon — you’ll need to sit tight for an upcoming Digest….10:31 AM What’s Brewin’So not only is it the other side of a long three-day weekend, but also the far end of two great soap events: The St. Jude Children Research Hospital event and the GL fan club luncheon. Look for some extensive coverage in an upcoming Digest but in the meanwhile, once our editors get in and settled (you don’t want to approach them before that first cup of coffee), we’re going to see what details we can worm out for our little blog here.Meanwhile, your letters keep pouring in, so we wanted to see what we could address: One fan (well, many more than just one, we’re sure) wants us to find out how they can get to see the classic Santa Barbara on SOAPNet. Now, we’ve got some superpowers, but they have limits. According to a SOAPNet spokesperson, you need to petition them directly — and the best way to do that is to visit the SOAPNet message boards. Says the rep, “Online people are constantly monitoring for that kind of feedback. Head over to soapnet.com and register your recommendations!Also: While it seemed pretty dire for Vlad — er, Stefan — on GH yesterday, don’t worry … yet. Stephen Nichols will continue appearing around Port Charles for a few more days yet … at least until the 16th! Fire up those VCRs now.Hmm, we hear the sound of editors in the building. And coffee pouring … off to determine what is up!

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