October 1, 2003

4:50 PM
Okay, reason #3,4989 why we love GH’s Luke: “I haven’t killed anybody … in two years.” Ah, Tony Geary, we missed ye. (And if you missed that line, make sure to catch it on SOAPnet tonight.) And another reason to gush over GH: Kick-butt Kelly Monaco appeared for the first time today as Sam (the same day Michael Easton‘s Caleb — er, John — wandered into OLTL’s Crossroads, swoon). We’re sad over PC’s demise (and mad that it got bumped from a lot of 12:30 p.m. slots) but glad we still get to see these two on the air (not to forget Brian Gaskill (almost-ex-Rafe, PC) over on B&B as Oscar….
And that’s all for today — more tomorrow!
2:02 PM
Today’s Digest‘s big news day, where all of the stories we’ve been accumulating over the last week are getting their final brush ups and treatments — it also means we’re waiting with bated breath for DAYS’s Missy Reeves (Jennifer) to give us a ring: Jack’s final days are coming up and she’s gonna share the good scoop with us (at least, we’re counting on it!).
Also, for those of you already inundating us with letters: Yesterday, during Al’s moving funeral (was Fiona Hutchison as a tear-soaked Gabrielle great or what?) on OLTL, Marcie stood up to sing a song that was a fave of his. That song is “Iris,” by the Goo Goo Dolls.
Trivia Alert: OLTL isn’t the only Goo Goo connection to daytime — B&B’s Adrienne Frantz (Amber) and singer John Rzeznik have been an item for some time now. A rock star and a gorgeous actress? Who’d have thought?
11:15 AM
Welcome to the first-ever edition of Digest Today! Here, expect several-times-daily updates on what we’re working on, who we’re talking to, who’s dropping by the offices, and what’s coming up next in the world of soaps!
We’ll be part blog (that’s a Web log — if we can, we’re going to make you hopelessly hip with lingo, too) and part announcement board. What do you want to see here? What kind of information do you need from us? What about photos? Tell us everything by emailing the address below. But be sure to check in often: We’re gonna keep updating, and what’s up here today is gone by tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more this afternoon … you never know when something exciting is going to happen here at Digest….

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