Now Playing at OLTL's Capricorn: Jazz musician Paul Taylor

Soap Opera Weekly: So how did this happen?
Paul Taylor: That’s a good question. I think (music director) Paul Glass heard me on my second CD, Pleasure Seeker. I’m on my fifth CD now. The wheels started turning and here I am.Weekly: Have you met Tim Stickney (R.J.) yet?
Taylor: Yes, I met him. I have lines with him later.Weekly: Are you nervous?
Taylor: Everything’s cool, as long as I have this (motions to saxophone) on my neck (laughs).Weekly: Is that your security blanket?
Taylor: Yeah.Weekly: So what are your lines?
Taylor: My lines are: “My pleasure, it was a good crowd tonight.” And later, “Will do.”Weekly: That’s not much to be nervous about, right?
Taylor: Not bad.Weekly: So how long have you been playing?
Taylor: Over 30 years. I got my start in Denver. My parents got me and my brother in a youth group to get us out of trouble, off the street. It just kept on going: private lessons, a garage band in high school, gigging around Denver…. Then I knew it was what I wanted to do for a living: be a performer and play.Weekly: Tell us about your tour.
Taylor: It’s called “Groovin’ For Grover,” which is a tribute to the late Grover Washington, Jr. That’s with Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot and Jeff Lorber. So the four of us. We have about 25 dates or so all throughout the year. Mostly the West Coast.Weekly: Has your musical interest always been in jazz?
Taylor: Always jazz. I guess I’m smooth jazz. You’ve got to be in some kind of category, so that’s where I’m glad to be.Weekly: What are you playing today on the show?
Taylor: I’m doing four numbers: “Night Rider,” from my current CD Steppin’ Out. I’m doing something from Pleasure Seeker called “Looking for Eve. Another” one from Steppin’ Out called “Enchanted Garden.” And then another one from my last CD, Hypnotic, called “PT Cruiser.”Weekly: Have you watched OLTL before?
Taylor: I’ve been watching the last two weeks (laughs).Weekly: What do you think?
Taylor: It’s my favorite soap.Weekly: Good answer.

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