November 7, 2003

4:15 PM A Little Bathroom HumorReady for the big weekend? Good! Here’s a little sendoff from behind-the-scenes at B&B, as reported by our part-time actor/most-of-the-time reporter, Devin Owens. Now, Devin is usually not surprised by the array of props that show up outside B&B’s soundstage. But there are exceptions. Such as the time recently when he was disconcerted to stumble across a toilet — yep, a commode — sitting on a cart. Clearly, his gaping jaw was obvious: A passing Joseph Mascolo (Massimo) joked, “Don’t bother. I already tried it and believe me, it doesn’t work.”And that’s it for this week! See you on Monday….10:37 PM Q&AYou know, at Digest Today, we’re here for you. Got a question? A problem? A cause to promote? We’ll see what we can do about addressing it right here! And so, to help poor fan and reader Traci, who has made a bet and needs to know the answer desperately….She asked us: “Who is the man playing the lawyer (federal investigator) that Nick went to see about prosecuting his father….I am deperate to know…i have a bet riding on this.”Happy to help, Traci! The character’s name is Franklin Becker, and he’s played by Michael Cavanaugh — who you might recognize as Kiefer from RITUALS, D.A. Patterson from SANTA BARBARA or Sheriff George Patterson/Andre du Pres from DARK SHADOWS. Now, let’s not confuse our Michale Cavanaughs … he’s not this one, who’s singing on Broadway in Movin’ Out — he’s this one. Now, if Traci wins her bet, do you think we deserve a percentage of the take?What else can we be of assistance with?

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