November 5, 2003

4:15 PM Can’t Beat Him With A StickOkay, so on today’s GH, we were worried: How was it that Stuart Damon (Alan) came to be carrying around a cane? Alan Q is a richie-rich, but he’s far from affected. Turns out (we talked to GH genius editor Tara Shaffer) that we’d forgotten about Damon’s trip under the knife. “I have a walking stick, which really isn’t a prop,” shares the actor. “I’ve had it for a while, but have been using it on screen more frequently.” Damon had back surgery over a year ago, but minor problems have persisted. Let’s hope he gets well soon! And here’s a place to check out more on the beloved actor. Dig those younger photos of him!12:10 PM Phoning HomeWell! The Digest phones have been pretty busy the past day or two. GL editor Melissa Scardaville had a lovely conversation with Liz Keifer (Blake) yesterday. Keifer noted that since she’s been put on recurring (a more and more common event these days, not just on GL), she’s had lots of extra time to spend with her family and is really loving it. Says Melissa, “She’s been hanging out with the kids, even volunteering to help with some of their school activities.” Okay, we want to know: When is that bake sale?And OLTL editor Naomi Rabinowitz also heard from Robin Strasser (Dorian), calling “out of the blue.” Now, the good news is she was able to turn that chat into a Dorian timeline you’ll be able to see in an upcoming issue. But Strasser had something else on her mind — just why Dorian pronounces “Cristian” and “Carlotta” differently from the rest of the characters on the show. Aha, so there is a method to the madness! Again, we’re trying to worm some details out of Naomi and will post them here soon. The answer to that dialect difference? Stay tuned, it’ll also be in an upcoming issue.More soon….

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