November 3, 2003

3:45 PM Coffee TalkSo, we’ve had a report in from the West Coast: Digest’s Y&R dude, Tom Stacy, shared that he recently sat down over coffee with Jess Walton (Jill) for an upcoming feature. (Now, that’s a lady with an interesting life.) Says Tom, “Jess loves to laugh,” Stacy notes. “She says that in some ways, she’s very much like Jill — like the love-a-good-laugh part — but in other ways, the two are like night and day.” How so? Well, we asked: Walton chuckles that when it comes to mothering her grown son, Cole, she’d never consult Jill for maternal advice. “I like playing anything that adds dimension to her, so of course I’d love to play her mother side again. But it hurts me as a mother in real life when I see her do things that I know are alienating and unloving. I’m like, ‘Stop it, you stupid woman!’ ” she grins. “That’s always the hardest thing to play in this character.” For more with Digest’s intimate chat with Walton, be sure to pick up our 12/2 issue, on sale 11/25. Now, pass the cream and sugar….11:47 AM Warm FrontPhew! It’s hot in here. And that’s not Nelly talking: It’s unseasonably warm in NYC today, and since the heat’s been turned on in the building, we’re a little … toasty. (At least, some of us: Others are concerned about windows being let open and enormous Buick-sized flies wandering in.) Such are Monday mornings.But we’re done with our news meeting now and yer blog is here to tell you it was very amusing. Among the names that came up (but again, if we tell you how or why, we’d have to kill you): ATWT’s Ellen Dolan (Margo), DAYS’s Josh Taylor (Roman) and AMC’s Jacob Young (JR). Plus, we’re looking into just what was in that box OLTL’s Antonio was given the other day — the box that proved to him Cristian was dead. The possibilities are very eeeew-ifying. (Who said Halloween was over?)And another tidbit: At last Friday’s DAYS chat (go here for such things; the schedule is here) chat, a few fans were concerned as to why Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) had not come to the premiere of the DAYS “movie.” According to the show, Reeves had the flu, which is why she couldn’t attend. Here’s hoping she’s now recovered!More later…..

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