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Digest: You were on SEX AND THE CITY playing Mr. Big’s ex-wife?
Beck: That was a lot of fun. I still keep in touch with Darren [Star, creator/writer] because I had done CENTRAL PARK WEST with him. That show has been so successful for him.Digest: I can’t believe it’s the last season.
Beck: Yeah, well, it isn’t over till it’s over. Two of the girls just had babies, so they might want to keep those nice, cushy jobs awhile longer.Digest: Your husband is still a restaurateur?
Beck: He has the Coffee Shop in Union Square, which was just in The Post; Chris Rock said it was his favorite restaurant. That was a nice little plug. A lot of celebrities used to work there, like Jennifer Esposito (ex-Tanzy, ALL MY CHILDREN), who was a waitress, [singer] Maxwell and a bunch of other people. It’s a really fun, groovy place. I like taking the kids there.Digest: So if you don’t feel like cooking, you bring the kids there for dinner?
Beck: Exactly. It’s close to where we live, so that’s terrific. That’s mainly why we stay in the city, so that he can come home throughout the day. When we lived in New Jersey, that was really too difficult of a commute because his hours are crazy. This way, we’re within walking distance of school, restaurants and home.Digest: Or a TV studio. Have you considered returning to soaps?
Beck: I think I would if the right role came along. It’s a wonderful job for a working mother. In my career, it’s hard to find a job that lasts for more than three or four months. Or if you’re lucky enough to get a nighttime series, which I’ve been, they haven’t lasted. So you get all excited, and make the move with your family, then you’re at the mercy of the networks. The soaps tend to stay around longer than a lot of the nighttime series anyway.Digest: GENERAL HOSPITAL just celebrated its 40th anniversary.
Beck: That’s amazing. So, yeah, if something great comes along, it would definitely be worth talking about.

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