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Digest: Do you keep in touch?
Beck: We do. I got a Christmas card from her this past year. She has two girls as well, and a million horses and dogs (laughs).Digest: Who else do you keep in touch with?
Beck: I’m really good friends with the woman that replaced her, O’Hara Parker. I’m her little boy’s godmother, so we talk almost weekly. When I was in L.A. recently I saw Richard Steinmetz, who played Jeff during the whole Rome storyline. He’s doing really well. He was catching me up on everybody. Randy Mantooth (ex-Alex) recently got married. Everybody’s doing well.

Digest: You were friends with Yasmine Bleeth (ex-Ryan, Ryan’s Hope). Are you still?
Beck: We’re with the same agency. I just spoke to her agent and sent my regards and wished her well. I think she’s really making a big comeback and getting herself together, which is great.
I also recently ran into one of the stage managers from Loving, who’s now a stage manager over at As the World Turns. It’s a nice surprise when I bump into anybody from the show, and I still get recognized all the time. It cracks my kids up. They’re like, “Her name is not Trisha. Her name is Noelle.”Digest: For a while you were living in New Jersey. Are you back in New York City again?
Beck: I am, and it’s great.Digest: What’s it like raising three kids in the city?
Beck: Wonderful. We made a commitment to do it and threw ourselves into it. We’ve got a great community of friends, the kids go to a wonderful school and we have enough living space now. So, we’re managing. It’s a little scary right now with everything that’s going on in the world, but I’m happy to be here.Digest: Has it been hard living down such a memorable character when you’re going out for other work?
Beck: Not at all. I definitely think I get cast a lot as the poor little rich girl or a girl that’s got money, which cracks me up (laughs). I’m like, “I can play the poor girl, too.” But my whole experience on LOVING — the work, the people, the clothes — it was just very glamorous and exciting. And I met my husband while I was on the show and they wrote in my pregnancies [for daughters Forrest and Spencer].Digest: So, you didn’t have to carry around a big suitcase in front of your stomach?
Beck: No, thank God, because both of my girls were 10 pounds. So, that would have been nearly impossible (laughs). I was enormous.Digest: You’ve appeared on all three LAW AND ORDER shows. What was that like?
Beck: [In the fall,] I was on CRIMINAL INTENT with Vincent D’Onofrio (Detective Robert Goren), who is an amazing actor. It was a wonderful experience working with him. He’s so talented, and his presence on the set is amazing. He makes sure everyone does their best work.

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