Nik of Time: Elizabeth and Lucky and...Friend

There may be a “new” Lucky in town (Okay, so it’s Jonathan Jackson again…), but GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Elizabeth is looking at old friend Nikolas in a new light. Rebecca Herbst puts Liz’s latest relationship in perspective.Soap Opera Weekly: Is the weight of Elizabeth’s history with Lucky keeping her from being happy with Nikolas?

Rebecca Herbst: Well, I think it’s because they’re brothers. I don’t think that she feels that unable to be in a relationship because of her history with Lucky — it’s the history of Nikolas and Lucky. They’ve had such a rocky relationship. And now, not only would she be losing Lucky, but Lucky would be losing a brother. That’s what’s keeping her from letting herself go through with this.

Weekly: What’s different about the Liz/Nik dynamic now?

Herbst: With Nikolas, this is a very new chemistry that they’re feeling. They have been “just friends” for more than 12 years, and it’s a very interesting relationship right now because it’s new waters for both of them. They’re not quite sure why they’re feeling like this, but they do.

Weekly: What changed?

Herbst: For Elizabeth, a lot of it stemmed from Rebecca coming in and deceiving Nikolas. At that point, Elizabeth became very protective of Nikolas. That’s probably where it started. Both of them need a void filled in their lives. It just happened, but now it’s turned into real feelings.

Weekly: This isn’t just a hookup?

Herbst: It really goes beyond the typical hookup and “Oh, maybe I have feelings for you.” They already love each other. Not in a romantic sense, but they’ve loved each other for a long time. So it’s going to be complicated.

Weekly: Because they want to preserve their friendship?

Herbst: A friendship, yeah. They are each other’s closest friends. If something happens and they have a falling out, where are they going to go? Whom are they going to turn to? It’s really going to be sad for the both of them.

Weekly: Do you like the idea of putting these friends together romantically?

Herbst: It’s a very interesting dynamic to play on, because Lucky is the knight in shining armor [for her], and all of a sudden this new circumstance has presented itself. There’s a lot of turmoil and a lot of conflict in Elizabeth’s life, and I think it’s really good timing to do that.