The New Kids In Town

Confused by all the new faces on ONE LIFE TO LIVE? If you haven’t tuned in since last year, you might be wondering what landed Bobbie’s old flame Roy from GENERAL HOSPITAL or Nathan’s BFF, Tim, from ONE TREE HILL in Llanview. No worries. We’ve got the 411. And study up; there might be a quiz in the future.
Name: Lola Montez

Hails From: Colombia

Occupation: High school student

Relatives: Ray Montez (father); Langston Wilde (cousin)

The 411: Lola came to town in October, 2008 with stepmom Vanessa in an attempt to hide from her father, who was convicted of murdering her mother. However, when Ray broke out of prison and tracked them to Llanview, Vanessa was forced to confess that she framed him and was sent back to Colombia as a result. We recently overheard Lola apologize to a photo of her mom and dad, saying, “I’m sorry I made you pay for everything I did to Mami,” leaving viewers to wonder whether she was the killer.
Name: Schuyler Joplin

Hails From: California

Occupation: Biology teacher

Relatives: Dr. Leah Joplin (mother, deceased)

The 411: Schuyler, a recovered drug addict, took a job at Llanview High in an effort to reconnect with his mom, who was coincidentally Starr’s ob/gyn, Dr. Joplin. The doc tragically ended her life prior to his arrival, but wrote him a letter explaining that she made a grave mistake regarding a patient’s deceased baby. When Starr and “Mr. J” discovered their common bond, they formed an inappropriately close student/teacher relationship that ultimately got him suspended. Schuyler still pines for his ex Stacy, while Starr pines for him. Name: Stacy Morasco

Hails From: Michigan by way of Nevada

Occupation: Former exotic dancer; currently unemployed

Relatives: Gigi Morasco (sister); Shane Morasco (nephew)

The 411: After spotting her estranged sister, Gigi, with babydaddy Rex in Las Vegas, Stacy tailed the pair to Llanview and made herself known at the Go Red Ball, which she got into with Gigi’s stolen dress and ticket. Stacy revealed to Gigi that before their parents died in a car accident, their mother confessed that she always regretted the way their father ran Gigi out of the house when she became pregnant as a teenager. While Stacy gets along well with Rex and Shane, her actions thus far have proven her to be a freeloader, a liar and a slut.Name: Ray Montez

Hails From: Colombia

Occupation: Unknown

Relatives: Lola Montez (daughter); Langston Wilde (niece)

The 411: Ray arrived in September upon his first release from Plato Prison in Colombia, where he was doing time for killing his wife. Clint paid him to come to Llanview to connect with his late sister’s daughter, Langston, in an effort to blackmail Dorian into giving Buchanan Enterprises back to the Buchanans. The ploy worked but Ray ended up back in prison. Thanks to Vanessa’s recent confession, however, all charges have been cleared and he’s free man living in Llanview with Langston, Lola and Dorian at La Boulaie.Name: Oliver Fish

Hails From: Cherryvale, PA

Occupation: Llanview PD Officer and resident IT guy

Relatives: Unknown

The 411: Oliver, who most lovingly refer to as Fish, joined the Llanview PD in early 2008 when Talia was transferred to Cherryvale. His stellar computer skills were helpful to John in various scenarios, and after a brief transfer to Cherryvale, he returned to Llanview and has been doing mostly surveillance work. He was crushing on Layla, but missed his opportunity with her when he slept with Stacy. Needless to say, he’s not the biggest ladies’ man or the most skilled cop. Name: Kyle Lewis

Hails From: Unknown

Occupation: Llanview Police Department Lab Technician

Relatives: Unknown

The 411: Mr. Lewis surfaced in February to deliver the devastating news that David is Bo’s son. While we haven’t seen much of him since, he’ll be a regular fixture at the Llanview PD.
Name: Asher

Hails From: Llanview

Occupation: High school student/drug dealer

Relatives: Unknown

The 411: Asher popped up during the second semester of Starr and Cole’s senior year as a former baseball teammate of Cole. He immediately pegged Cole as someone in need of a little lift, and has been supplying him with prescription painkillers for months.

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