My Ferrin Lady

Soap Opera Weekly: How would you describe Jennifer?
Jennifer Ferrin: She is a strong-minded girl now that she has been in Europe and away from the family for a while. She wants to be more in control of her direction and realizes there are other people that would like to do that for her. She doesn’t want to follow the road of her mother. She has got a big heart and a loyalty to the family, but then she’s got the Barbara Ryan mind. When she is going after what she wants she doesn’t mind manipulating; she doesn’t mind stepping on some toes.Weekly: Did you watch Kim Onasch‘s previous work in the role?
Ferrin: I didn’t, no. I made a choice not to look at her work because being new to the soaps, I might get it in my head that I need to copy what she did. But since [the character] had such a long hiatus and went away, I just used that and I said, “Well, she has had to grow up a bit.”Weekly: Who would you like to see Jennifer become involved with? We are seeing some flirtation with Dusty.
Ferrin: She has a tendency to be drawn to the wrong kind of guy. I think it is fun for her. She likes a guy that is going to give her a challenge. The thing she likes about Dusty is that he’s unavailable but he is honest with her. He doesn’t lie to her. He says, “I find you attractive. I like women, but I am with Rose.” She likes that. But if Jennifer were to find a true love match on the show they would have to bring somebody in.Weekly: What is it like working with two of daytime’s finest actors — Colleen Zenk Pinter and Roger Howarth (Barbara and Paul)? Was it intimidating when you first came in?
Ferrin: Sure, everything was. Not overwhelmingly intimidating, but it was just a lot to swallow. Colleen has taken me under her wing. She has been my mom from day one. And not [like] Barbara Ryan (laughs). She has been showing me the ropes and answering any question I have. I love her to death.
I had seen a picture of the old Paul (Scott Holroyd) and I didn’t know that he had been recast so I had Scott’s picture in my mind. I am like: Big brother, I could love him. Then they told me that Roger was coming in. I was like, “He played Todd, oh my gosh!” Because I watched ONE LIFE TO LIVE and he was a scary character. And I was like, “I have to love him?” Then I met him and it was totally OK. He is so cool. He is very interesting, he always keeps you on your toes. He’s just really great to work with.Weekly: You mentioned that you were familiar with OLTL. What soaps did you watch?
Ferrin: In high school and college I started watching GENERAL HOSPITAL. Then I watched GUIDING LIGHT and ONE LIFE TO LIVE my first two years of college. Then I transferred schools and went to an acting conservatory and I never watched TV again (laughs). We were in school all day and in rehearsals all night so I didn’t get a chance.Weekly: What do you think of New York?
Ferrin: I love it. I have always wanted to go to New York versus Los Angeles because of the energy. It just feeds me. I lived up here for three months a couple of summers ago. I had an internship and that was for me to get used to the city and everything. It is really overpowering sometimes. I am a firm believer in getting out of the city every once in a while.Weekly: Is your family back in Georgia?
Ferrin: Yeah, my parents are and my younger brother goes to school in Georgia. The rest of our extended family is scattered all over the place, but they are still in Georgia. My other brother lives in the East Village [in New York]. He works in building construction, but he is also a good musician. He is very into the arts. We all did theater in high school. But I am the only one crazy enough to pursue it.Weekly: Is it nice to have him here in New York?
Ferrin: Oh, it’s great. We have gotten closer as we have gotten older. During the blackout I went to his house because I was down in SoHo taking care of something. I was like, “Oh, I can catch a cab.” I couldn’t catch a cab. There were no cabs. So I just walked over there and hung out with him.Weekly: What do you like to do in your free time?
Ferrin: I feel like lately I haven’t had any free time. I play piano, I sing. I miss having a piano. I had one in college.Weekly: Would you ever sing on the show?
Ferrin: I would love to at some point. I don’t know that the writers and producers know that I sing. I’m going to sing at the St. Jude’s benefit [in October].Weekly: What role did you play on DAWSON’S CREEK?
Ferrin: I had a small role on the season finale of the season before the last one. It was a short scene I had with James Van Der Beek (Dawson). We were on a plane and I was nervous about flying. It was the end and he was leaving all of his friends. He comforted me and said it’s going to be OK.Weekly: How was it working with Van Der Beek?
Ferrin: He was actually really cool. That was my first television gig. It was my first television audition. So that was like a whirlwind. He walked through the makeup trailer and I was like, “Oh, my God — that is James Van Der Beek!” I watched the show religiously in college. He found out that I had never done anything before but that I was from a theater training conservatory and we talked a lot about that. It was the first time I was on a set with cameras so he explained there were two cameras and one was for the close-up shot and one was for the shoulder shot. It was really cool. Everyone was really nice.

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