Multi-Task Master

By Tom Stacy

Corbin Bernsen is a busy guy. Besides riling the mob on GENERAL HOSPITAL
as the shifty Durant and embarking on a cross-country tour to promote
his daytime star-studded directorial debut, Carpool Guy, and starting
work on his next film project, and who can be seen in the upcoming
theatrical release Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, the happily married father of
four has managed to squeeze in yet another gig. Bernsen can be seen on
the new UPN sitcom CUTS, playing pop to star Shannon Elizabeth, of
American Pie fame.

“I just use my time efficiently,” laughs Bernsen about his busy schedule.
“I’m at CUTS today, talking about Carpool Guy with you. I’m sitting in
my dressing room and wherever I go, I set up my little office.

“Yesterday was a rather spectacular day,” he nods. “I did CUTS in the
morning and happened to have a really good episode. Then, I went
straight from here over to GENERAL HOSPITAL to do what I feel is some of
the best work that I’ve had in the year that I’ve been there now. I went
home feeling great. It was just a full, great day.”
“It’s a blast,” he raves about the new gig. “It’s a great counter to
doing the soap because it’s a comedy. It’s real physical comedy. I have
to say, though, it’s a little strange doing both because Durant is very
straight and stern and austere. And then, I get to come here and be this
nutcase,” he grins. “So, yeah, I dig this. It’s a very funny show, and
again, I’m the recurring guy, as I am with GH. I love being a free
agent. That’s really what I feel like. And that’s a very good thing
because I’m not sure if I could do all the other things, like the film,
if I weren’t.”

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