Mr. O'Leary. And How!

First Day At GL: “I started in May of ’83, and my first scene was really short. Rick was in the hospital looking for Phillip. It was an easy first day. The second day, Rick came over to Phillip’s house, he’s frying eggs and it’s just two guys talking. Grant [Aleksander, Phillip] made me feel at home the very first day. A friend of his played Rick prior to me, but Grant made me feel like a part of the group.”Reasons For The Success Of “The Four Musketeers”: “It was the combination of luck, the fact that [former Head Writer] Pam Long wrote a beautiful story and that the four of us got along so well. It just fit.”On His Friendship With Aleksander: “He was so generous, patient and supportive with me. Grant is a very selfless actor. When he gets into a scene with me, he is always trying to find a way to go to my strengths because, as actors, we are sort of different. Grant is a technician. He is very meticulous. He is always trying to find a way to make it the best it can be.”Who He Wishes Was Still On The Show:Krista [Tesreau, ex-Mindy]. That’s the first person who comes to mind. Krista is still beautiful, and she has that bubbly personality, so it would be interesting to revisit that relationship. If you wanted to throw a wrench into Rick and Mel, you could see what Mindy would bring to the table. But I understand with daytime being the way it is, it’s a rhetorical question with salary constraints and so. I don’t know what Krista is doing now.”(Another) Favorite Prank: “I had Jordi [Vilasuso, ex-Tony] in on this one. I said to Jordi, ‘Look, I want you to go up to Ricky [Paull Goldin, Gus] and say, “Have you gotten that call from International Male magazine?” If he says no, say, “Just wondering” and walk away from him.’ So, Jordi did, [then] I called Ricky from my dressing room. I left a message, saying [in a very high-pitched voice], ‘This is Tony Tasmor from International Male magazine. Hi, Ricky. We’re doing a layout for International Male, and it’s paid. We wanted to talk to you about being in our “Sexy Men of Daytime” photo shoot, so give me a call.’ I gave him my dressing-room number. Three months went by, and I totally forgot about it. So, one day, Jordi gave me this look and said to Ricky, ‘Did you ever get a callback from International Male magazine?’ Ricky went, ‘Oh, no. I lost the number. Wait, here it is.’ So, he started to go call, and I ran back to my dressing room. My phone was ringing, and I picked it up and said, ‘Tony Tasmor from International Male magazine.’ Ricky went, ‘This is Ricky Paull Goldin from GUIDING LIGHT.’ ‘Hi, Ricky, I’m so glad you called me back. Listen, about the International Male magazine thing….’
“Before I go any further, I need to say that Jordi had told Ricky that it was $5,000 a day, all expenses paid, staying at a five-star hotel in Laguna Beach. Everything first class. So, to Ricky [as Tony], I said, ‘Let me tell you a little bit about what the photo shoot is all about. It’s called “Men of Daytime.” Basically, we’re having all the young studs like Jordi and these kids from AS THE WORLD TURNS, all these hot, young guys, and we’re going to have them in these beautiful Calvin Klein tuxedos. Really sharp, really hip. Then, we’re having the older men of daytime, the guys on the other side of 40, like John Callahan [Edmund, ALL MY CHILDREN] and Ronn Moss [Ridge, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL].’ And Ricky went, ‘Wait, I’m not over 40.’ So, Tony is like, ‘Well, you know, just older guys. It’s going to be a Speedo thing, like, “We’re older, but we still got it, damnit.” ‘”I was expecting him to say no, but then he said, ‘Okay, how much?’ So, Tony went, ‘Well, as I said, it’s favored nations, so everybody is getting paid the same. We’re flying you on JetBlue; it’s $600 a day, and you’re staying at the Marriott. We’re picking up the tab for that. It’s for three days, and you get to keep the Speedos.’ Ricky is like, ‘Wait a minute. These guys get to wear Calvin Klein tuxedos, Jordi told me they get to keep them, and we get the Speedos.’ I was all upset as Tony and said, ‘These are sheepskin, imported from Italy. These are not $50 Speedos. These are $500, $1,000 Speedos. They don’t grow on trees. Well, they grow on lambs.’ Ricky went, ‘Okay, well, that sounds fair.’ Then, there was this pause. ‘Hello, Ricky, you still there?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, I got you on my Caller ID, and you’re in the building.’ I thought, ‘Okay, I’m busted.’ So, “Tony” said, ‘Oh, I work for [a casting agency], and I was passing off a packet downstairs for a young man who is being considered for a new role.’ Ricky said, ‘Why don’t you come up to the fourth floor and say hello.’ Tony went, ‘I would love to. Where are you right now?’ ‘I’m in the makeup room.’ ‘ I’ll be right there.’ So, I went to the makeup room and arranged for Bradley Cole [Jeffrey] to come up and ask me about International Male magazine. Bradley said, ‘Hey, Michael,’ — Ricky had his headphones on — ‘are you doing that International Male magazine thing?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and Ricky started to slip off his headphones real slowly. Bradley is like, ‘How much are you getting paid?’ and I went, ‘It’s $5,000 a day, man. And we get to keep the tuxedos.’ And Ricky went, ‘WHAT? They’re paying me $600 a day to wear Speedos. I’m gonna look for this son of a bitch.’ He threw off his headphones and went through the building looking for Tasmor. He was running around, talking to the security guards, trying to find him. So, I got on the [intercom] and said, ‘Ricky Paull Goldin, this is Tony Tasmor. I’m in the makeup room looking for you. I have a life. I don’t want to sit here all day.’ So, Ricky came running in the makeup room, out of breath, asking, ‘Where is he?’ I went, ‘He went thataway.’ Ricky ran out of the room, then came back. I was laughing, thinking he had figured it out. But he thought that we were laughing at the fact that he was chasing this gay guy around. Finally, Ricky realized that it was me after he’d been all around the building.”

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