Mitch Laurence's Top 10 Heinous Acts on OLTL

He’s bad to the bone, that’s for sure. Here’s a look at the worst things ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born) has done to the poor people of Llanview.1.) He kidnapped Viki Buchanan’s alter ego, Niki Smith, and Tina as part of a scheme to kill Clint Buchanan. (early 1985)

2.) He shot and killed Harry O’Neill. (July 1985)

3.) He pretended to be an evangelist and put together a religious cult. (January 1986)

4.) He drugged and raped Viki. (1986)

5.) He tried to rape Cassie Callison. (July 1986)

6.) He stole baby Jessica Buchanan from Viki after her birth. (September 1986)

7.) He masterminded the kidnapping of baby Natalie Buchanan from Llanfair, and then switched her with twin sister Jessica. (September 1986)

8.) He kidnapped Blair Cramer and forced Todd Manning to exchange her for Natalie. Mitch’s goal was to have Natalie’s heart transplanted into her grandfather — that would be Victor Lord. Of course, any such operation would leave Natalie dead. (January 2003)

9.) He kidnapped, drugged and mentally tortured Jessica, and held her hostage at the Lion’s Heart estate. He also imprisoned her mother, Viki, when she tried to help her. Mitch shot a young cult member who attempted to free the two women. (June 2003)

10.) He stole Nash’s body from his grave and moved it to Napa so that Jessica would see it and freak out. She did. Then he shot Jared, who later died. (November 2009)

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