Michael Easton Speaks Out About GH/OLTL Controversy

In a dishy new interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, Michael Easton (Silas, GH) breaks his silence about his controversial recasting (he was forced to retire the persona of John McBain due to the ongoing legal skirmish between ABC and Prospect Park). "It wasn't my first choice, that's for sure," he says of his new role, but adds that he has faith in GH's writing team. "They've mapped out something really strong here, something that can't be judged just three or four weeks into it." Easton goes on to address the rumor that he'd been unwilling to return to OLTL on a temporary basis like co-star Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL; Franco, GH) and shares his thoughts on the abrupt end of McBain. For the full story, click here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Michael-Easton-Comic-Con-Credence-General-Hospital-1067813.aspx.