Metro Court Quiz: The Big Bang!

GENERAL HOSPITAL took viewers on a 16-hour-plus adventure ride during the explosive Metro Court hostage storyline. But how closely were you paying attention to the twists and turns during the crisis? Take this quiz to find out.

1. What specific event had everyone gathered at the Metro Court to attend on the night of the explosion?

2. Prior to the event, which room did Carly check into?

3. What is Max’s position at the hotel?

4. How long did Mr. Craig say the robbery would last, when he and his goons first stormed the lobby?

5. What was the model of the briefcase in the vault and what made it so unique?

6. How long was the hotel vault in lockdown mode, after Sam triggered the silent alarm?

7. Maxie got locked in the vault with Cooper. What was his number in Mr. Craig’s band of thieves?

8. Where exactly did the bullet Craig fired at Robin enter her body?

9. Upon realizing Alan had had a heart attack, what did Emily tell her father he would no longer be allowed to eat?

10. What did Lorenzo tell Skye was the method of payment for the briefcase?
11. How long did Craig give Nikolas and Sam to find the makeshift supplies needed for Robin’s surgery?

12. What song did Craig whistle while Nikolas and Sam went on their scavenger hunt?

13. What was the last item Sam retrieved?

14. By what time did Lorenzo say the code had to be re-entered into the briefcase?

15. How and where did Sonny arrange Craig’s escape with Jason?

16. Where did the communication headphones Spinelli gave Jason come from?

17. Nikolas promised Emily they’d make it out of the hotel alive and take her parents to dinner like they had talked about. What was the European location of their dinner date?

18. Where did the hotel keep the defibrillator that was eventually used on Alan?

19. Which one of the hostages did Mr. Craig refer to as teacher’s pet?

20. What ended up being the briefcase code and what was its significance?


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