Meg To Differ?

1986: Emma’s youngest child had been living with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Henry before she returned to the Snyder Farm in 1986. The headstrong, flirty teenager was especially close to big brother Holden, while sis Iva worried about her recklessness. Meg also loved gossip and eavesdropping, so she soon managed to overhear some of Oakdale’s biggest secrets. Holden and Meg had such a tight bond that young Lily mistook them for lovers when she first spotted them at the Snyder Pond. When Lily learned the truth, she covered her relief by being rude to Meg, who instantly disliked her….

After meeting Lily’s on-again, off-again beau, Dusty, Meg pretended to befriend the Walsh heiress so that she could get more information about him. And while Lily was all about living the simple life at the Snyder Farm, Meg wanted the opposite and persuaded Lucinda to pay for her nursing school and let her move in to the Walsh Estate. Dusty was under so much pressure from his guardian, John, to get into Harvard that he skipped his graduation banquet and ran off and joined the rodeo in New Mexico. Meg followed and seduced him.
She made sure to tell Lily as soon as possible, and then hoped to trap Dusty into marriage by faking a pregnancy. She switched tests with Sierra (who was pregnant with Craig’s baby, Bryant), but was soon exposed as a liar by John and Lily. Dusty was just thrilled to be relieved of the obligation, though being tied up with Meg cost him Lily, who had moved on with Holden. Lily put an end to Meg’s life of luxury at Lucinda’s by threatening to tell her mother about the faked pregnancy test. Meg then went to live in the boarding house owned by her mentor, Lyla (mother of Craig, Margo and eventually, Katie).
1987: With Dusty out of the picture, Meg took up with Tonio Reyes while he was still married to Sierra (though she loved Craig). After Sierra divorced Tonio, Meg agreed to marry the Montegan troublemaker (who was trying to avoid deportation), but wisely made him sign a pre-nup first, so that she could get some cash out of the union. Out of respect for a then-presumed dead Craig’s memory, the entire Snyder family boycotted Meg’s wedding.

1988: Tonio’s increasingly volatile behavior — along with the fact that he was sleeping with Emily (while she was married to Holden) and other women — made Meg miserable in her marriage. She sought comfort with Josh (who had been raised by Uncle Henry and was Lily’s biological father). The kissing cousins eventually had sex, but when Meg learned she was pregnant, she decided to stick with Tonio and his riches. Though Meg tried to end things with Josh, a furious Tonio found them together. Emily caught Tonio getting rough with his wife and stopped him from going further, but Meg wasn’t very grateful to the other woman. Then Josh beat up Tonio, who was found outside his mistress’s apartment. Meg found out about this new woman and finally decided to leave him. They argued and ended up in a struggle — which sent her tumbling down the stairs. She lost her baby, and Tonio threatened to turn in Josh (for the beating) if Meg didn’t stay married to him. His threats didn’t work for long: Meg graduated from nursing school and made plans to end her marriage, especially after she found out that Tonio was in business with James Stenbeck.

1989: Meg and Josh went to the Dominican Republic, where she divorced Tonio. Josh and Meg also managed to avoid James’s attempts to frame Josh for assassinating Tonio before they returned to the Snyder Farm and wed (despite continued uneasiness on the part of some of her siblings). Meg then told the police everything she knew about Tonio’s many crimes before she and Josh left to live in Waco, TX.

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