Maximillian Alexander: Heartthrob or Ladies' Man?

“I’m not hurting for dates,” admits the tall, dark and handsome actor, who is, nevertheless, single. “I’ve been so busy with work. I really haven’t had time to go out there and do a search myself. I’m fully available.”So, does Alexander like to stage sky-is-the-limit extravagant dates? “I’m more of a casual person. I really don’t dress; I want the person to meet me and not an image of me, so I’m T-shirt and jeans casual. I’m a realistic person and take it a step at a time. You never know if you’ll meet the person of your dreams walking down the street.”When he does encounter a potential lifemate, Alexander makes a decision about the date’s activities. “I like movies, but if I really want to talk to someone I really don’t think the atmosphere is [right] at a movie or at a club,” he explains. “If I’m trying to [get to know] someone it’ll probably be a restaurant and then a lounge.”So, ladies, if you end up being escorted to dinner, you have an inside track! But even after the dinner/movie decision is made, Alexander ponders whether to take her to a fancy restaurant or whip up something special in the kitchen personally. “I guess it depends on my mood,” he says. “Sometimes I feel like cooking, and sometimes I feel like going out to eat.”When the urge to show off his cunning culinary skills hits him, Alexander concedes that his homespun menu is rather limited. “I really only know how to cook salmon and chicken,” he allows with a laugh.Still, Alexander has to figure out if the lady is interested in Max the man or Max the soap star. “I guess I’ll really never know that,” he admits. “Time will tell. If you give a person enough time, their true intentions will come out.”

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