Masters of Disguise: A Look Back at B&B's Memorable Get-Ups

Amber recently detained Liam from Hope’s party by disguising herself as a Russian limo driver Natasha, but Ms. Moore is hardly the first B&Ber to don a costume. Here are others who’ve hid their true identities.
Camille Howard, 1994

When Thorne Forrester dumped Sally’s daughter, Macy, for Karen Spencer, Sally plotted revenge by having her assistant, Darla, don a dark wig and disguise herself as Camille so she could infiltrate FC. Camille managed to snag three designs — and caught the attention of Bill Spencer, Sr.

The Party Clown, 2001

Ridge’s psycho ex, Morgan DeWitt, had a vendetta against his mother, Stephanie, for keeping them apart in their youth and forcing Morgan to get an abortion. Morgan dressed up as a clown so she could sneak into the birthday party for Ridge and Taylor’s daughters, Phoebe and Steffy, and have it out with Stephanie. When Steph went to call the police, Morgan attacked her; during the scuffle, Morgan hit her head and fell into the pool. Stephanie left her to drown, but Morgan regained consciousness and later tried to drown Stephanie in her bathtub. Thankfully, Eric arrived in time to save Steph and Morgan was hauled off to jail.

April Knight, 2003

In 2003, blonde Amber Moore’s long-lost twin, April, came to town, hoping to land a career as a singer. When the dark-haired April fell ill at the time of a performance, Amber dressed up as as the brunette and filled in for her sister. “April” successfully landed a recording contract; the real April then went on tour.
Madame X, 2008-2009

Dr. Bridget Forrester took a leave of absence from the hospital and e-mailed a series of sketches to Jackie. Jackie eagerly hired the designer, who only went by “Madame X,” to work for Jackie M. To complete the disguise, Bridget donned a dark wig and glasses. Nick eventually figured out Madame X’s true identity when he told Eric about the new designer and Eric noted that her work looked familiar. While working together, Bridget and Nick found their way back to each other and rewed in July 2009.

Sally’s Disguises

Sally will always be B&B’s true master of disguise! Here are her best costumes…

1997: In order to crash the FC fashion show in Italy, Sal donned a blonde wig and pretended to be Baroness Von Schnap. She and Steph later duked it out on a dock with Sally toppling into Lake Como.

2003: Sally dressed as a mail janitor so she could access Brooke’s paternity test records at the hospital. Also, that year, she and Gladys posed as maintenance men so they could spy on Thorne’s new girlfriend, Tricia. However, La Spectra made a splash when she fell into the hot tub.

2004: By far, Sally’s most extreme get-up had to be when she dressed as Massimo Marone so that she could infiltrate Jackie’s store!

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