Martian Invasion

As if out of nowhere, Jake and Amanda became one of the most precious twosomes on AMC. In this week’s Digest, you’ll find an adorable interview with their portrayers, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) and Chrishell Stause (Amanda). Here’s some bonus material to whet your appetite!Soap Opera Digest: When did your working relationship carry over into hanging out?

Ricky Paull Goldin: I think it came out of having so much dialogue that we’d have to run lines at lunch, running to the deli.

Chrishell Stause: The lunch runs, yes! What he does at a deli is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. This is probably when I knew I really loved him. He orders all kinds of food. I think he might be afraid that we’ll need to go into a bomb shelter and that he might not have everything he would need in that situation [Goldin laughs]. So he goes to the check-out counter with all this stuff and he starts looking around like, “What else do I need?” The bill at the deli for lunch ends up being like $55, we’re carrying two bags apiece back to the studio, we came back and we were eating Twix and Butterfingers and I was in love, what can I say?

Goldin: You know, sometimes you want the lunch special, but instead of the beans and rice, you want the fries … and you want just a little taste of something else …

Stause: He got his own buffet going.

Goldin: This is not L.A. where we’ve got the fancy commissary! We’re roughing it here in New York City!

Digest: Do you guys hang out at work before you’re called to set?

Stause: We always find time to sit by the windows and talk about our scenes. I haven’t always done that. Some people, when they run lines, it’s strictly running lines, but with Ricky, it’s not just that; it’s figuring out the scenes.

Goldin: I watch her body language when we’re running something. I see if there’s something that she needs. Just like in a relationship, she wants to say something and she’s not getting to say it. Sometimes it’s in the script and it’s not coming out. Then you go, “What do you want to make happen here?” But I also close her eyes a lot when we run lines, so that I can really hear her.

Stause: Really, he’s just asleep.

Goldin: That has happened! I can’t stand working first thing in the morning.