Lucky Breaks: Piecing Together Lucky's Relationships

One of the defining aspects of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lucky Spencer is his identity as a solid family man. How does the dissolution of his relationship with Elizabeth affect his sense of self? Jonathan Jackson looks at possible paths for Lucky’s heart.Soap Opera Weekly: Any prospects for Lucky falling back into a relationship with Maxie?

Jonathan Jackson: I think Maxie and Lucky are just trying to feel out their friendship. She is just coming off her relationship with Spinelli; Lucky is just coming off his relationship with Elizabeth; they are both reeling. I’m sure that there are confused emotions between them in terms of their history, but both of them are being cautious to not try to pursue anything or make anything happen, because they instinctively know that they are not in a real healthy head space. Which is actually good, because then the scenes have undertones…

Weekly: How does Lucky interpret Claire discussing with him her desire for children?

Jackson: Those scenes were awesome. I was actually really pleased with those scenes. We had some great scenes in the park, and then they kept going with it in the PCPD, when she was reporting back to Lucky how she was playing Sonny. Lucky was warning her to be careful to not get too involved. I think there was definitely a connection there between Lucky and Claire. Claire is seemingly pure in her desire to have children, and she respects the kind of father that Lucky is. I think it is really refreshing for Lucky, because with Elizabeth having an affair on him, he felt completely not appreciated and not seen for who he really is. To have someone like her say, “Wow, what an amazing father you are,” and “What an amazing person you are” — I think there was definitely something there!