Luckinbill: NIKITA's New Guy!

Thad Luckinbill (ex-J.T., Y&R) reunites with his former co-star Lyndsy Fonseca (ex-Colleen, Y&R) on the mid-season premiere of NIKITA tonight, Jan. 27, when Alex meets her new neighbor, Nathan!

“We’re great friends, and it’s fun to not only work with her, but to be around her,” smiles Luckinbill.

Being around Fonseca’s alter-ego, Alex, is a bit more challenging, since this half of the season sees the budding spy finally outside Division’s walls. “With all the exciting characters on NIKITA — everybody involved with Division, they’ve all got these spy-like qualities — Nathan is kind of the normal guy whom Alex gets introduced to,” previews Luckinbill. “And she finds him very interesting, because he is so much different than what she’s been around in the different Divisions. He’s a pretty nice guy!”

Just how nice will he and Alex be finding each other? “He definitely takes an interest in Alex, and they become friends,” teases Luckinbill.

NIKITA airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9. Keep your eye on the print edition of Weekly for more from Luckinbill on Nathan and Alex’s adventures!