The (Love) Doctor Is In

Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) took advantage of a fallow period on GH to tackle another project you may have heard of…Soap Opera Digest: You’ve been doing a radio show called Sex Drive. Tell us about that.

Jacklyn Zeman: We were on the air for a few months and we had a great time doing it. We got a lot of calls. [Radio show partner] Dr. Ava Cadell is the best. She has all of the credentials and the training to give people the technical answers to all questions they have.

Digest: Now, the way the show is promoted, Dr. Ava is “naughty” and you’re “nice”?

Zeman [laughs]: We have the naughty and nice thing down, which is wonderful. She takes it from the educational standpoint, but she’s also an adventurous spirit, and has never had children. With me being the more conservative of the two and a real-life mom— but over the last thirty years have been involved in all of the love and romance on the soap operas — it’s a good mix.

Digest: How’d you do answering listener questions?

Zeman: Of course, I answer with the double standard, “What might be okay for me is not necessarily what I deem appropriate for my two teenage daughters [laughs],” but I felt that between the two of us, it was a very solid foundation for people to call in and ask what’s on their minds. That’s why the show got popular, you know, because people were sensing that.

Digest: What’s up with the show now?

Zeman: It’s really exciting. We did the show on the air, and from there we made a pitch tape to take the show onto television, to do it as a reality show, and we got some interest. We’ll see what happens.

Digest: Well, you’ve certainly got an audience for a show like that.

Zeman: I know! There is nothing else on TV for my age group on the subject, and that is totally confusing to me. When I turn the TV on, I don’t see anything that I feel relates to what’s going on in my life emotionally. You have to feel that a show is a good investment of your time, whether you’re watching for entertainment or to escape or to learn something. You’ve got to get something back if you’re going to give up that hour of your life.

Digest: Do you think this dearth will ever change?

Zeman: One door closes another one opens, and that’s true in life, in relationships and in television, It will be interesting to see what’s next — what will come along to replace these current shows — but something new will come along, and change is good.

Digest: With Valentine’s Day in the air, any romantic advice from “the good girl” of Sex Drive?

Zeman: Here’s fair warning to all the guys out there who are in a committed, monogamous relationship with a woman that’s gone on for a year or more, where there has been some talk of or some understanding that eventually they’re going to get married: When Valentine’s Day comes, the woman is really expecting the proposal or the ring [laughs]! And, if it doesn’t come, she’s going to be very disappointed! I’ve talked to women about this over the years — when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s the unspoken rule that everybody — but the guys — are aware of [laughs]! So, there you have it.

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