Looking Back at Rafe's DAYS

Since February 2011, Galen Gering has had a blast playing Rafe's double on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Meanwhile, the original Rafe has only made a few brief appearances on the soap. In March, Stefano erased Rafe's memory — or is Rafe only pretending to have amnesia? Gering shares his thoughts on taking a break from playing the real Rafe.

"The last year-and-a-half has been hard on Rafe," notes Gering. "It's been one horrible event after another, whether it's a baby being kidnapped, or a baby dying, or his sister dying…. It's really hard to joke around and have a great time when the stakes are so dire." The actor adds, "Playing [Rafe 2], they gave me a lot of freedom. It's been fun. We'll see what happens."

Rafe's Timeline

November 2008: When Sami's life is in danger, because she can identify who killed the mayor, Rafe is hired to safeguard her.

December 2008: The mayor's killer stabs Rafe. Sami stitches his wound and nurses him back to health.

March 2009: Sami and Rafe have their first kiss. Sami asks Rafe to be the godfather of her baby, Grace, and he proudly accepts.

May 2009: Sami and Rafe make love for the first time. Rafe wants to adopt Grace as his daughter. Rafe reveals that Arianna is his sister.

June 2009: Grace has a seizure and dies. Sami and Rafe grieve her death. Sami reveals to EJ that he was Grace's biological dad. Rafe is suspicious when he spots Nicole mourning over Grace's grave.

July 2009: Rafe moves in with Sami. Rafe's ex-sister-in-law tells Sami that Rafe murdered his first wife, Emily.

August 2009: When Sami questions Rafe's version of Emily's death, he accuses her of not trusting him and moves out. Rafe realizes that Nicole has a mysterious connection to Dr. Baker, Grace's birth doctor. Rafe travels to the Dominican Republic in search of Baker.

September 2009: Rafe finds Baker strangled. Sami arrives, and Rafe destroys all evidence that they were in Baker's home (soon after, it is revealed that Baker was in fact alive). Back in Salem, Rafe discovers that Nicole had a miscarriage, bought a baby from Baker and switched it with Sami's newborn. Meredith tries to kill Rafe.

October 2009: Rafe reconnects with Arianna and she says it's no secret that Nicole pulled a baby switch. Rafe reveals it was Sami's baby that got switched, not Mia's.

November 2009: Stefano hires a hit man to kill Rafe. Rafe apprehends the hit man. Sami and Rafe enjoy a happy reunion. DNA tests reveal that Nicole's daughter Sydney is really Sami's baby, and Nicole is arrested. Brady posts her bail. Rafe's sister Gabi arrives in Salem. She finds drugs in Arianna's room. Arianna confides to Rafe that she is on an undercover assignment.

December 2009: Nicole kidnaps Sydney. Rafe, Sami and EJ travel to Cleveland to locate Nicole and Sydney. They find Nicole at a hospital, but she claims someone knocked her out and stole Sydney. Rafe believes Nicole's story and continues the search for Sydney.

March 2010: EJ returns with baby Sydney.

April 2010: Rafe catches a private moment between Sami and EJ.

July 2010: Sami informs Rafe that she's moving back in with EJ so they can be a family again with their children. Rafe investigates Nicole.

August 2010: Rafe interrupts Sami and EJ's wedding with proof that EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping.

September 2010: Rafe and Sami are reunited. Sami shoots EJ in the head. Rafe takes Sami and the children to his new home. EJ survives his gunshot wound and pretends to think that he's married to Sami.

October 2010: Sami confesses to Rafe that she shot EJ. Arianna secretly videotapes Sami's confession, then is hit by a car and killed.

November 2010: Nicole gets her hands on Arianna's camera and gives it to EJ. He confronts Sami and demands custody of Sydney and Johnny. Rafe and Sami marry. EJ gets custody of Sydney and Johnny.

December 2010: Rafe is supportive of Sami when Johnny is diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and his eye is removed. EJ announces his engagement to Nicole, meaning she will become the stepmom of Sami's children.

January 2011: Johnny is in danger of losing his other eye. EJ bargains with God, praying for his son's recovery, and promises to share custody of the children with Sami. Daniel performs surgery on Johnny and saves his remaining eye. EJ stands by his promise to God and focuses his anger on Rafe. Sami and Rafe argue over Nicole's involvement in the children's lives. Rafe follows Sami and is in a car accident.

February 2011: Stefano and EJ kidnap Rafe from the hospital and imprison him in the DiMera basement. He is replaced by a double.

March 2011: Stefano erases Rafe's memory and ships him off to an asylum.