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Not only does B&B’s crack makeup team help put the beautiful in BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, they’re also handy at going beyond eye shadow and gloss to create some very different looks. Key Makeup Artist Christine Lai-Johnson explains the behing-the-scenes secrets she and her team (Jackie Brubaker, Allyson Carey and Melissa Sandora) use to make makeup magic. No wonder they scored their 11th Emmy nomination this year.Katie’s Surgical Incision

“After Katie’s (Heather Tom) heart transplant surgery, she had to have what looked like a freshly-sutured incision. To make the incision, I used products by 3D. It’s two gels and when you mix them together, 50/50, it creates the consistency of cake icing that you can then mold and apply by hand. The beautiful thing is, I don’t have to apply glue underneath it. Larger pieces you have to glue so they’ll adhere to the skin and stay on all day. For smaller pieces, you just have to make sure there’s no oil on the skin so they will stick. The incision was created and after it sets and dries, I paint it with Temptu’s palette of special effects paints. They’re waterproof in case you have to use fake blood, which we didn’t in this case. In real-life open heart surgeries, staples are actually used to help close up the incision. The paramedic that serves as our advisor gave me an actual staple gun they use but I didn’t think Heather would’ve appreciated that. So I went down to the special effects department here at CBS and they gave me carpet staples. We then clipped off the sides and I buffed the ends down so they weren’t sharp. Next, I hand glued each staple about 3/8 of an inch apart. When I was done, everyone in the makeup room gasped. When you do something like this it’s always a nice testimony when people are grossed out. I think on Heather’s first day, she had the incision on for 10 hours. When shooting is done for the day, it peels off like a gelatin skin.”

Demon Storm

“In the script, Storm (William de Vry) is dead and Katie sees him in a vision. From the deck of the Shady Marlin, she sees her brother in the water and he’s telling her, ‘Come with me.’ She jumps in but when she swims up to Storm, he looks very different. We called him Demon Storm. He’s more like a creature from the deep so it freaked her out. Wil played Normal Storm and Demon Storm was played by a stunt double, who was a good sport because we painted him from head to toe by hand in greens and grays. We didn’t airbrush because we wanted the depth of highs and lows in the coloring. We used a product that’s called Make Up Forever, which is water resistant, and then we sprayed over it with a sealer to make sure it would stay on. We also used glitter that was very muted to attract the light in the murky water so it looked really eerie. It was a lot of fun.”Phoebe And Rick’s Injuries

“They had a terrible car accident which resulted in Phoebe’s (MacKenzie Mauzy) death. Since she wasn’t wearing a seat belt, we imagined that she hit her head in the car when it crashed so there’s a contusion and that probably also broke her neck. She was then ejected out of the car so she has scrapes and abrasion from the rocks and brush. We also had to see her in the morgue and that was sad because we knew it was the last time we would see MacKenzie, unless she comes back as a fantasy. For Phoebe’s deathly look, we used special makeup that’s actually labeled Death Gray and Vampire Gray, depending on the lighting. There was also some yellow makeup under that so that the coloring ws consistent with a cadaver. We also took the pink out of her lips by using a more neutral lip color. Rick was ejected out of the car because he was wearing a seat belt but he still slammed his head on the steering wheel. So we put a big gash and swollen area on Kyle Lowder’s [Rick] forehead. Again, we applied the gels that were used for Katie’s surgery and [together] that stuff is a miracle product. Once you know how to use it, you can create all kinds of interesting things by hand but when it’s peeled off, it’s done. We have to do it all over again for the next day. In order to even try and salvage it, you would have to peel it off very slowly and delicately. By the end of the day though, the actor has been wearing it for hours and they just want to peel it off right away.”

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