Llanview's 10 Most Wanted Page 3

No. 7: Carlo Hesser
Played By: Thom Christopher (1990-92; 1996-97)
Prime Evil: A mobster and drug trafficker, Carlo kidnapped Megan and Sarah in 1990, helped send Gabrielle to jail in 1991, grabbed Sarah again (keeping her captive for a year!), then came back from the dead in 1996 as Poseidon and tried to have Viki hypnotized so that she would kill Kevin. Eventually, however, he was “murdered” again, turned up alive and skittered out of town with Alex — and $30 million of Asa’s.
No. 8: Todd Manning
Played By: Roger Howarth (1993-95; 1996-98; 2000-03)
Prime Evil: Over the years, Todd has done too many evil deeds to list here, but among his top two: Leading a gang rape against Marty Saybrooke in 1994 and telling his wife, Blair, that her baby (which he thought was Max’s, but was his own) had died, minutes after birth in 2001.

No. 9: Michael Grande
Played By: Dennis Parlato (1988-90)
Prime Evil: Ruthless businessman Grande was less evil than just, well, ruthless, but he went over the edge several times. He helped Leo Cromwell scam Viki into thinking Leo’s daughter was Viki’s long-lost child, then got gold fever trying to return to the underground city where he was raised, Eterna. While down there in 1989, he caused an avalanche that sealed himself, Viki, Gabrielle, Cord, Roger and Tina in, then fought with Leo for the hidden Eterna gold. Leo went over a cliff and died. In 1990, Michael drugged Brenda and blew up Roger, who, despite being comatose, managed to off Grande.
No. 10: David Vickers
Played By: Tuc Watkins (1994-96; 2001; 2002; 2003-)
Prime Evil: A scam artist supreme, in 1994 David convinced Viki that Irene had killed Victor (not Dorian) and that he (David) was her long-lost half brother. Then, he slept with Tina, his “sister,” (and ‘fessed up to the scheme after, though she helped him hide it from Viki). In 1996, he made unwanted overtures toward Kelly and took her captive, hoping to get ransom from Dorian. While he waited, Kelly nearly burned to death in a fire on the yacht where he had her stashed. In 2001, he helped Todd (for a fee) cover up the “death” of Blair’s baby.

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