Llanview's 10 Most Wanted

No. 1: Victor Lord
Played By: Ernest Graves (1968-74); Shepperd Strudwick (1974-76); Tom O’Rourke (1985); Les Tremayne (1987); Bill Moor (1995); William Stone Mahoney (pictured) (2003)
Prime Evil: A notoriously domineering patriarch, the head of the Lords only turned out to be evil after his “death” in 1976 — when it was revealed in 1995 that he had molested his daughter, Viki. This year, he turned out to still be alive, and just as evil — as he nearly had Natalie cut open for a heart transplant, but then he passed away, for real this time.
No. 2: Brad Vernon
Played By: Jameson Parker (1976-78); Steve Fletcher (pictured) (1978-87)
Prime Evil: Not quite as evil as his contemporaries, Brad nevertheless was always mixing in shades of gray. A consummate ladies’ man, he romanced Lana (and impregnated her) in 1976, while getting engaged to Jenny. Lana turned up dead and Brad was cleared, but went to jail for perjury. That should have been enough to make him wise up, but after he got out and Jenny was hospitalized with a difficult pregnancy, he went on the prowl again — and pursued Karen, who rejected him in 1980. Brad raped her, and when Jenny found out, she lost her baby.

No. 3: Marco Dane
Played By: Gerald Anthony (1977-86; 1989-90)
Prime Evil: A professional pimp and pornographer, there wasn’t much Marco wouldn’t do. In 1978, he brought Karen to “the life” and wouldn’t let her leave, then doctored photos of Tina to make it seem as if she’d posed nude. When his twin brother, Mario, was killed by Talbot (thinking it was Marco), he hid out and returned to town in 1980 as Mario. He and Karen switched Katrina’s live baby with Jenny’s dead one later that year. A connection with Megan partially redeemed him, but he briefly showed up again in Llanview in 1989 as a mobster, then slipped away to attend to nefarious deeds outside town (Port Charles, as it turns out — he popped up on GENERAL HOSPITAL from 1992-93).

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