From Llanview to the Jersey Shore — David Fumero Makes Film Debut

ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans who live in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania could be among the lucky few to catch David Fumero‘s (Cristian, OLTL) feature film debut the weekend of Sept. 19. It’s been almost three years since Fumero made Greetings from the Shore on — no surprise here — the Jersey Shore. “Part of making films, I’m realizing, is actually getting people to see [them],” Fumero explains. “So when people see it they can pass the word around and say, ‘You’ve got to see this great film.'” Fumero is curently doing the film festival circuit with the flick. “I’ve seen it seven times,” he smiles. “A cool experience.”

Soap Opera Weekly: So tell me a little bit about the character that you play.
David Fumero: Benicio is similar to Cristian except that he’s kind of like a gypsy. He’s flying around the world, doing odd jobs. He hangs out with a group of guys that are kind of like his family. There’s this dream that they’ll make enough money to just go home — to Spain.

Weekly: Do you play him with an accent?
Fumero: Yes. I had to do the whole Spanish accent. I believe he was Cuban born but raised in Spain. His dad was a fisherman and he’s also a fisherman, which is what he’s doing with his buddies right now.

Weekly: And then he falls in love.
Fumero: He falls for this girl that he meets at the Jersey Shore while he’s working to get his papers and she’s going through her own thing. She doesn’t get the tuition money that she was supposed to get. She doesn’t have enough money but then there’s a huge poker game… She meets this character Catch, who is played by Paul Sorvino. He ends up being a father figure to her.

Weekly: Did you like working with Sorvino?

Fumero: It was great. At first I was nervous, but then I just felt comfortable. Here I am playing with big guns — the mobster guy, tough guy. His character Catch is the sweetest guy.

Weekly: Has Melissa (Fumero, Adriana, OLTL) seen it?

Fumero: Well, she’s my biggest fan, of course. She’s played a little part in the publicity too. She Facebooked everybody saying, “Go see David’s film — it’s great.” She’s great; she’s awesome.

To find out where Greetings from the Shore is playing, go to the film’s website here.

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