A Little More "Just Asking" From OLTL's Brett Claywell

Soap Opera Weekly recently ran a Just Asking feature with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Brett Claywell (Kyle). The actor was so eloquent, we had more information than we could use in the magazine! Here’s what you missed.Strangest fan encounter: The strangest part is how much the job becomes 24/7. So, not one singular fan encounter stands out — just the places that the encounters have happened. Airports, cruise ships, schools, beaches, dinners, bars, malls, sporting events. No matter the level of your public notoriety, from guest star to superstar, you always have the possibility of being approached. It makes you feel wonderful that someone respects or appreciates your work, while simultaneously, it is difficult to adjust to the gradual loss of privacy. Anonymity can be a blessing.

Fear I would like to conquer: My fear of heights was always my greatest fear.

Most embarrassing moment: I think I have too many of those to choose just one! [It] probably involves some nudity and a public place, but that doesn’t necessarily narrow it down, either!

I would like to swap lives with: Any international soccer player — maybe Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or even Beckham. Besides acting, being on a soccer field is my therapy. It’s a beautiful game when played at the highest level, and I feel all my worries in life fade away when that ball is at my feet.

Famous event I would like to have witnessed: Woodstock. One performance. Joe Cocker, “With a Little Help From My Friends.”

Person on my show I’d call if I needed bail money: John Brotherton (Jared). I’d call him…but I really doubt he’d give me the money!

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