Lifehouse Rocks Llanview Once Again

On March 29, Soap Opera Weekly‘s Gabby Winkel and I headed over to the new ONE LIFE TO LIVE studio on West 66th Street for the taping of Lifehouse‘s encore performance at Ultraviolet. Upon our arrival, we noticed scores of young extras dressed in their club gear waiting to be called to the set and ran into Kristen Alderson (Starr), who reported that she’d just met the band.

“I’ve been listening to them forever and they have these really great, feel-good songs. I just went and met them and they were all so sweet!” she squealed. “I told them the last time they performed here, I wasn’t in the scenes but I was planning on meeting them and I left school at 1 o’clock because usually all the bands perform after 1, but when I got here the band had already taped their stuff and I was so upset that I didn’t get to meet them. I just told them now, ‘Now I do get to meet you guys!'”

The last time the band was in town, in 2006, Michael staged a lavish proposal to Marcie, which made an impression on the group. “I remember there was a scene where the red-headed lady was proposed to by one of the guys,” recalls bassist Bryce Soderberg. “Are they still big characters?” Sorry, we had to explain, they’re gone. “Are they dead or just gone?” inquired lead singer Wade. We assured the guys that Michael and Marcie are still happily married and have relocated to Seattle.
This time around, the drama centers on Starr and Cole, as they try to get Langston and Markko to work things out. “It’s kind of a night for them to all go out. Starr really wants to see Langston and Markko make their relationship solid again,” explains Alderson of the episode that airs on April 13. Also in the mix are Jessica and Brody, as they have a run-in with Cristian and Layla.

In honor of the band’s latest release Smoke & Mirrors, the UV stage was adorned with a dozen mirrors, and as the band rehearsed their current smash hit, “Halfway Gone,” dry ice created the illusion of smoke, enhancing the splashy light show that accompanied their performance. For a band that regularly plays for thousands of people (they’re currently touring with Daughtry) and has sold over 5 million albums, the performance did not disappoint. See for yourself on April 13!

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