Lesley-Anne Down: Life's a Beach

Stars move to Malibu, Calif. for low-key fine living, but local Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie, B&B) says things are changing.

“It used to be you could get up in the morning and not clean your hair,” Down says of life in Malibu, one of the hottest stretches of California coastline, not to mention the infamous home to the TV phenomenon Baywatch.
The problem these days? “The paparazzi have been just horrible, because Britney (Spears)moved to the Serra Retreat,” explains Down, referring to the posh neighborhood just below a hilltop Franciscan retreat that overlooks the ocean.

With all those folks looking for the pop diva, Down and other celeb locals have to be camera-ready. In fact, things have been so bad that Down’s husband Don E. FauntLeRoy recently took a stand for a stranger in the grocery store parking lot.

“There was this blonde girl and she had on jeans, with the g-string sticking out,” Down sets up. “She’s bending down and loading up all her things in the car with her butt out and the paparazzi’s clicking away. Don hates them. He walks over, but doesn’t touch them, and says, ‘You want to stop. You don’t really want to be doing this, okay.’ Then he goes back to his car and this blonde girl with no makeup says, ‘Thank you so much.’ He had no idea who she was, at all. It wasn’t until two days later, he was watching the television and said, ‘There’s that blonde girl that had her butt out the other day!’ It was Anne Heche!”

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