Leigh Taylor-Young: Reverend

When PASSIONS’ Leigh Taylor-Young isn’t berating Alistair or comforting Sheridan as Katherine, she can often be found officiating weddings, baptisms, and funerals under her other moniker — Reverend.

“I was ordained in ’75 because in my constant questing I found a very wonderful path for myself that involved making a commitment to becoming a minister,” explains Taylor-Young. “Not to display myself to the world as a minister and put up my shingle. It wasn’t about that at all. It was a demonstration of my own commitment to a service mentality. For me, being a minister is to be a consciousness of service wherever I am. Not to necessarily to do a wedding, a funeral,or give a sermon, — although I can do all of those things.

“I have officiated many weddings, funerals, baby blessings, baptisms, all of that,” continues Taylor-Young. “But that’s not how I view [my job]. I see being a minister as a way to silently keep myself awake to an inner spiritual view of life…to hold a consciousness of being in service to whatever we’re given to participate in. It’s about being part of a bigger picture with an attitude of being of service to that bigger picture. Whatever role you choose to play in life, you should have an openness of caring that there are other people on the planet than yourself, and your interaction with them should be as uplifting as possible.” In short, “it’s all about giving something back.”

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