Leading Lotharios: Bergman on Y&R's Bed-Hopping

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Jack Abbott has been a player since the beginning of time, but portrayer Peter Bergman slams Nick, Phyllis and Brad for their recent bed-hopping.

“As fun as it was to watch Nick and Phyllis, this was skunk behavior,” Bergman sniffs of Y&R’s hottest pair in years.

Some might argue on Phyllis’ behalf that Jack doesn’t have a right to be mad at her. Sure, he was invested in making it work, but Phyllis never signed on and they weren’t officially dating anymore. “Oh, come on!” Bergman cries. “‘Not dating’? That’s a technicality in some courtroom. She was coming over all the time and she spent the night. This was somebody who was counting on the friendship, asking for help with Daniel and looking for comfort and succor, and Jack was all too happy to help.”

He was also happy to be there for Nick, the son he never had who was struggling to save his marriage to Sharon. Of course, Jack has sons (includiing one who is MIA with Diane), but it was Nick who first taught him about being a father. “This is a kid Jack taught how to throw a baseball. A kid who turned to Jack for help and comfort in very formative times in his life and then again several times as an adult,” Bergman marvels. “Jack nurtured that relationship. He was so thoughtful and nice, and this is the thanks they give him. Wow. Right in front of my eyes! How does he ever find a place for Nicholas in his life again?”

In contrast, Brad’s recent activities don’t affect Jack at all, but they wouldn’t surprise him. After all, Jack didn’t trust Brad when he was married to his sister Ashley. Unfortunately, Brad’s new missus, Victoria, trusts him too much. She even tried to push him into taking business trips with Sharon, who was very hot and bothered around him. Brad was smart enough to say no and avoid temptation, but then bad weather pushed him to New York and into Sharon’s bed anyway. “Slimeball,” Bergman declares, shaking his head. “That snake just got married! Jack has been quite the womanizer in his day, but from Phyllis to Nick to Brad, this is people really screwing over people who were counting on them.”

Many would include Sharon in that, considering how she threw herself at her brother-in-law, but Bergman treads softly. “She’s so deeply hurt,” he excuses. “This woman’s life is chaos. For us to be judging Sharon after that? If she somehow finds herself experimenting with what life has to offer besides Nicholas, at this point that seems very natural.”

Whatever Bergman thinks of these Genoa City locals, he has to concede that there’s one good thing that’s come of Nick and Phyllis’ steamy affair. “It’s actually storyline that moved characters in new directions,” he praises. “It’s been terrific.”

Wait until Jack finds out he’s going to be a daddy again — or is he?