Kyle Lowder Album Debut

During his downtime from B&B before his exit, Kyle Lowder (ex-Rick; ex-Brady, DAYS) focused on his other passion — music — and has just released his first album: Kyle Lowder — A Compilation. “It was really long process, but a very gratifying one,” he says. “Because of my popularity from B&B over in Italy, an Italian composer contacted me. Basically, he was a songwriter without a singer and I was a singer without original songs, so it was kind of what he needed. What I do as a singer is not pop, it’s not rock, it’s a classical crossover, and when he sent over some demos of his stuff, it was actually right up my alley. I was not just shocked about it, but excited because it was very beautiful material. I said, ‘I’ll tell you what: I’m gonna sing some of these songs in a studio and put my vocals to these tracks and see if it’s a nice mix.’ And I did and it turned out to be a really cool match. We both started to get excited about the process of working together, but thought, ‘Well where do we go from here?’ So, we decided to do a little bit of a trial run in a sense and put together a five-song EP. As fate would have it, he hooked up with one of the best recording studios in Florence, Italy and the producers at this recording studio were very excited about the project. They jumped on board free of charge, basically. They got live musicians, some of the most talented musicians in their country, actually, who showed up to perform on this album, which was amazing. I was in Florence and Rome for two weeks this past summer and recorded the album.”

The music, which he describes along the lines of Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli, is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can also check out “My Web site has everything in terms of live performance, video and music clips and all the news and updates,” he says. “There are links to my Twitter page and my Facebook page, so if anybody would need any information whatsoever, they can go that Web site. It’s really kind of the nerve center of this whole endeavor.”

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