Kyle Brandt - Chatter Box

Before THE REAL WORLD: CHICAGO, had you thought about a television career?
Shannon Coconis, Zanesville, Ohio
Yes. When I was about 17 or 18, I got tired of being such a jock, so, when I got out of college, I started doing theater in addition to sports. It was my intention to move to L.A. or New York after college. Then the whole REAL WORLD thing fell into my lap. They came to Princeton to cast it. They liked me, it worked out, and it [Chicago] was my hometown. When it was over, I resumed what I wanted to do anyway. I know a lot of people do stuff like that and try to use it [to get into acting]. But I got ripped to shreds all through college by my football teammates because I was in theater and wanted to be an actor. It goes back a long way.

Do you see Eric Winter (ex-Rex) since he left DAYS?
Pauline Spencer, Seattle
We see each other all the time. I talk to him every day. He came over last week and watched MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. We had some food and shot pool. We’re planning a trip to Mammoth [Mountain, in California] to go skiing.

If Belle told Philip her true feelings for Shawn and asked him for an annulment, would Philip fight for her or let her go?
Jessica Bunce, Kalamazoo, Mich.
The guy is so selfless — sometimes to a frustrating point, with not as much backbone as I would like — that he might let her go. If someone says they don’t love you, you don’t fight to make them love you. As an actor I would love for Belle to leave Philip and for him to be a wreck; it would be so fun to play. I would love that, rather than this slow torture as all his love goes unreciprocated.

What made you do soap operas?

Amanda, Louisville, Ky.
As an actor you don’t set out to do soap operas, you set out to work. If a soap job becomes available and they like you, you get it.

How does it feel being in the middle of the popular Shawn/Belle pairing?
Sonya Fontaine, N.D.
I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating at times. You feel like a third wheel, that all you’re doing is intruding on something. I wish they would give Philip someone who would make him happy and be faithful to him. He’s the greatest guy in the world.

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