Kristina Sisco: Sweet Charity

PASSIONS’ Charity Standish is all grown up, and so is her new portrayer, AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Kristina Sisco (ex-Abigail). Catch Charity’s return to Harmony Nov. 15.

Soap Opera Weekly: How do you feel about being back in daytime?
Kristina Sisco: Yay! I feel good. I’ve always liked daytime. It’s a fantastic schedule, especially after shooting [the movie] The Flock. You realize the soaps have it easy in a lot of ways. I’m happy to be coming back.

Weekly: Any trepidation?
Sisco: Not really. This is going to be a brief stint, so I just want to have fun with it. I don’t have any trepidation about signing another contract with a soap and staying in daytime longer. Every acting medium has positives and negatives, and soaps have a lot of positives. Being a working actor and not worrying about when you’re next job will come is so nice. During the time I have with PASSIONS, it’s nice to relax and not be auditioning. I can focus on one project.

Weekly: You are getting your master’s degree. You earned a B.A. in psychology, so what are you studying now?
Sisco: It’s a writing program. There’s a focus on screenwriting and fiction. I’m doing both right now and then I’ll decide which one to do my thesis on. It’s a great creative outlet. I do the soap and then run to class. It’s at 7 at night. I’m that kind of person. I have to have a lot of things on my plate.

Weekly: Is music still on your plate?
Sisco: I do absolutely everything. I bop from one thing to the next, but music is on the down low, the back burner, for now. I’ve been doing the acting and writing, but I’m sure it will switch around. That is so me.

Weekly: You moved around a lot with your family while growing up and then worked in New York, but you’ve been in Los Angeles for years now. Can we officially call you a West Coaster?
Sisco: You can! I went back to New York [in October] and I did say to myself, “I’m happy I’m in California.”

Weekly: Did you visit your old castmates while you were there?
Sisco: I saw Terri (Colombino, Katie). I loved seeing Terri and her new baby girl, Julia! Back in April I went out there for the ATWT luncheon and didn’t go by the set, but I did get to see everybody. That was great.

Weekly: You said that being on ATWT and living alone in New York made you feel like you’d grown up fast. What do you think now that you are a college graduate working on your master’s?
Sisco: I wasn’t able to be a kid [at ATWT], and I missed that. I’m glad that when I came to California I didn’t have the pressure of working full time anymore, [just] going to school. I got to experience a different atmosphere. I got to wind down and to socialize with people more my age. It was wonderful. I like the dichotomy of what happened. I like that I worked early on and I’m really glad I got a chance to decompress and get back to what I missed and learn from the changes.

Weekly: Are the movie and your PASSIONS gig a sign that you’re putting yourself back out there again?
Sisco: Once I decided to do graduate school, everything hit. When I started applying, I got The Flock. When I got accepted, I got PASSIONS. Everything comes together. I always thought that with graduate school, a soap would [make for] a nice schedule.

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