Kristian Alfonso's Five Greatest DAYS

“I’ll never forget my first day of work. I walked onto the set, not knowing what I was doing, but I was so welcomed. There was such patience from so many people. Honestly, I was not an actress when I walked onto this show. I was very thankful to have gotten the job. And Frances Reid (Alice)…My God! She has taught me so much.”

“Bo and Hope were in New Orleans, and it was the first time they consummated their love. It was great storytelling, and it was so exciting to be out on location and to be somewhere so gorgeous. The whole shoot was just so beautiful. It was the first time I’d been to New Orleans. It was so much fun. Then, to see all the fans. We are in the studio all the time. We don’t have a live audience. To hear the response from the fans there was absolutely mind blowing. I remember Peter Reckell (Bo), Frances, (producer) Shelley Curtis, (producer) Jeanne Haney and I were all on the same plane together. When we landed, we waited until everyone was off the plane before we got off. I heard this music outside. I said, ‘Peter, Do you hear that? They’re playing Bo and Hope’s theme song,’ which was Tonight (I Celebrate My Love for You). What we didn’t know until we walked off the plane was that there was a band on the jetway [playing the song] AND 10,000 people. My feet never touched the ground. That’s when I went, ‘Wow! This is absolutely incredible.’ The people there could not have been kinder.”

“The prism storyline was wonderful. I got to ice skate, which I loved. I had been a competitive ice skater [before I joined DAYS], but I broke my leg tobogganing. Like everyone, my dream…my goal, had been to eventually make it to the Olympics. To be able to skate again on the show was fun. It’s such a beautiful sport. I watch skating whenever it’s on to this day. Absolutely. It’s so beautiful. My husband now knows all the different jumps and moves and footwork.”

“Bo and Hope’s wedding was incredible. We shot the [interior of the] ceremony, here, at a church on Highland Avenue in Hollywood. Then, we shot [exteriors] in England, which was a lot of fun. It was my first trip to England. The dress Lee Smith, our costume designer at the time, made for me was beautiful. He had flown to Paris to get the tulle for the gown. It was very expensive and very special to wear. Also, all the fans were in the pews as guests here in Hollywood. It was great to have them be a part of it. Of course, every one was a nervous wreck taping. It was a huge moment for Bo and Hope, and we all wanted it to be perfect.”

“The Princess Gina storyline was an incredible opportunity for me. If (executive producer) Ken Corday had told me from the beginning what was going to take place, I probably would have been scared to death and looked at the whole picture instead of one thing at a time. Ken really eased me into it. (Head writer) James Reilly started that whole storyline (in 1984). It challenged me mentally, physically, emotionally…in every aspect. And I got to work with everybody, which I loved.”

“I loved the island storyline that we did, last year. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work, but it was so much fun. I want to go back to the island. It was such great storytelling, but not just that. There was a lot of physical stuff involved in it as well. So we weren’t just talking to each other. We were physically acting things out, as well. I love that. I loved all the special effects and the fighting. I loved being on the run and when Hope gets to be adventurous. Hope thinks a little bit more before she acts then she did 20 years ago. Then, she acted before thinking. It has a lot to do with Hope maturing and becoming a mother.”

2005: 40 YEARS YOUNG
“One important memory that is coming up will be our anniversary in November. It will mark 40 years that DAYS OF OURS LIVES has been on the air. THAT is monumental!”