Koslow's Crazy for DAYS's Kate

When it comes to overly possessive mothers, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Kate definitely takes the cake. Heck, she takes the whole bakery! Lauren Koslow discusses Kate’s recent in-the-name-of-motherly-love plot: poisoning Chloe because she cheated on her son, Lucas, and framing Daniel for the crime. Koslow also answers the question viewers have been wondering about for months: Whatever happened to that marriage proposal from Stefano?Soap Opera Weekly: It has to be difficult playing such irrational behavior, doesn’t it?

Lauren Koslow: It is challenging. I’m not going to say it isn’t. It definitely is. But as an actress, I have to commit to it. I have to enjoy that ride. The way I think of it is that every once in a while, Kate just goes too far. And when she goes out there, she just keeps twirling. But she can be reeled back in eventually.

Weekly: How did you go about tackling Kate’s current plot against Chloe and Daniel?

Koslow: I do it almost as a revenge fantasy. That’s the way I think of it. At some point, it became that way for Kate. She might not be totally in her right mind with everything she’s doing right now, but she’s doing it. And I wanted her to do it in a way that we could all take the ride with her. So, please, enjoy it. I have, and I have fun with it. It’s supposed to be a little larger than life. Look at nighttime. Look at what they were doing on NIP/TUCK. It’s some crazy stuff. All the shows, really. Look at DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Look at THE SOPRANOS. There’s some huge stuff that goes on on all these shows.

Weekly: When you put it that way, DAYS pales by comparison.

Koslow: Right now, we have a little bit of everything on our show. We have stories that are grounded in reality. They’re about Mom and Dad and kids and stuff. Then, we have some operatic characters. That’s the way I like to think of them. They are bigger than life, and they have bigger-than-life passions. I think we’re trying to hit all the bases with [the different stories we’re telling].

Weekly: You do get to see a different side of Kate in your scenes with Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas).

Koslow: I love doing scenes with Bryan. It comes back down to reality with him. These bonds are real. Everyone understands these kinds of family bonds. They might not even be healthy, but they’re there. Everyone struggles with this stuff.

Weekly: All of this craziness aside, what ever happened between Kate and Stefano? Is she ever going to give him an answer to his marriage proposal?

Koslow: Well, I could just tease a little bit of that. That might be revisited.

Weekly: It was such a letdown when that story was dropped. And Stefano didn’t even come visit Kate when she was in the hospital battling lung cancer, did he?

Koslow: We had discussions about that. You have to imagine a lot of that stuff went on offcamera. Roman, too. You would have thought he would come to see Kate. I definitely think things are going to get complicated, and that we will revisit [Stefano’s proposal]. It’s definitely going to be interesting, especially where Kate has evolved to now. It’s going to be very interesting. Kate’s a very different woman from what Victor was used to dealing with. She’s a different woman from what Stefano was used to dealing with, too. So there’s a lot of stuff there to play.