Kishing Around

Soap Opera Weekly recently caught up with Brett Claywell, who plays OLTL’s Kyle. Soap Opera Weekly: How are Fish and Kyle doing?

Brett Claywell: Fish and Kyle are doing well. There’s a lot going on. When the baby comes into the world, [there are] lots of exciting new developments. But the story of Kyle and Oliver has been love, love through all obstacles, and I think this just presents another obstacle to tell their love story through. It’s an opportunity for both of them to kind of compartmentalize for one another.

Weekly: What’s going to happen with Sierra Rose?

Claywell: Nothing is known for sure. Everything is up in the air, but Kyle has always been that voice on Oliver’s shoulder — that voice of reason. Even though Kyle’s actions may not always be right, his words usually are, and that’s why Kyle and Oliver work together so well. Kyle’s just trying to get Oliver to do the right thing, and at least find out — and at least know, so that he can make an educated decision. Oliver’s more of a pessimist. Kyle’s more of a realist. So he’s just trying to be that loving partner and help his partner do the right thing.

Weekly: Now, has Kyle met the baby?

Claywell: Kyle has not met the baby yet. Kyle has seen the baby through some windows. Kyle loves Oliver and every piece of him. I think he’s equally excited to move forward with Oliver with a child or without, as long as it’s with Oliver. So I’m really excited to see how this all turns out.

Weekly: I really liked those scenes a few weeks ago when Kyle tells Roxy that the baby is not her grandchild.

Claywell: The great thing about soap operas is week to week to week, you’re confronted with new emotionally powerful, highly charged moments. And when you live within those moments, there can be some really beautiful things happening. The relationship that’s developed between Roxy and Kyle has — it’s been very maternal, but there are lots of other deep layers to it that make some of those scenes really powerful.

Weekly: And that was the first time where she alluded to something more about the whole Mitch situation.

Claywell: There’s another level to it, and I’m not even sure who knows what that level is. I know neither of us do, but there’s definitely a story she has to tell at some point.

Weekly: And are you working on anything else? Any other outside projects?

Claywell: I have a lot of outside projects. I’m currently in different development stages [with] about four projects that I’m trying to produce. I was very busy before this, and I’ll be very busy after.

Weekly: And finally, what’s your take on all this snow? [It was snowing during this interview.]

Claywell: Yeah, I love it. I don’t get enough of it. I grew up in North Carolina. When I was little, it snowed all the time, but once I reached about 8 or 9, it stopped snowing. It never snowed anymore. So the weather just changed and it wouldn’t snow as often, and I missed it. And then, [there’s no snow when I go] to L.A. I’m so happy to be here. I walk through the snow every day. I don’t care.

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