King James

Soap Opera Weekly: Your first role was as Tom Bergman on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (1976-’79). How is it being back on daytime?
John James: I was expecting it to be fast and difficult. It’s amazing that they can do it in a day. The first five days I was just trying to find my way around, remember lines and be where I had to be. It was exhausting. But every day is getting a little easier.Weekly: What drew you back to daytime?
James: Chris Goutman (ATWT’s executive producer and James’ former dressing roommate at SEARCH; Goutman played Marc D’Antoni) called and said, “I would like to talk to you about this role.” I came in, spent a couple of hours with him and said, “This would be fun.”Weekly: Have you kept in touch with Goutman over the years?
James: Not really, other than Christmas cards, kids. That is how things get when you get older (laughs).Weekly: How do you like working with Marie Masters (Susan)?
James: She’s wonderful. Thank goodness I had someone to make me feel as comfortable as she did; she went out of her way and I appreciated that. Especially since you don’t want to be the new kid in school. I forgot what it was like. It’s a pretty awful feeling. Weekly: Have you kept up with any of your DYNASTY co-stars?
James: Last summer the BBC did a DYNASTY documentary and gathered us all together in L.A. with the exception of John (Forsythe, Blake) and Linda (Evans, Krystle). They did [an interview with] Joan (Collins, Alexis) in London so it was Jack (Coleman, Steven), Gordon (Thomson, Adam), Emma (Samms, Fallon). That was the first time we have gotten together in many years. I see Joan often. I saw her a couple of months ago for a book-signing party in Manhattan. She’s been to our house a few times in the past three or four years. I probably see her the most. Weekly: Do you watch DYNASTY and THE COLBYS on SOAPnet?
James: I do. Boy, was it well-done! It was far enough away that I can be objective about it and actually watch myself for the first time on television. When they aired the first 15 shows of DYNASTY, I quickly became aware of how people could get so hooked on that show. We couldn’t wait to watch the next evening. Just watching the richness of the production and the colors and how everyone was dressed was very cool. It was a great period. And my wife always has THE COLBYS on on Saturday mornings.

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