Kimberly McCullough's Five Greatest GH Moments

Making her daytime debut at the tender age of 7, Kimberly McCullough was immediately embraced by GENERAL HOSPITAL fans. Over the years they’ve watched little Robin Scorpio grow from a precocious little girl into a strong, honorable woman.

McCullough has enjoyed the run, and piled up a lot of memories since 1985. Here, she shares the top five Port Charles moments she will never forget.

“When I first joined the show we went on location to Vancouver. It was for this whole Chinatown mystery story that involved Robin’s doll with the black pearl eyes. I was only 7, so being outside on location was really fun. I got to run around in the rain. We worked on a dock, and it was like shooting a movie. Finola Hughes (Anna), Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Jack Wagner (Frisco) were all there. So was Gloria Monty, who was producing at the time. It was awesome hanging out with all of them. As a kid, it was fun not to be in a studio and to be someplace new. I remember Vancouver was really beautiful, too.”

“Casey the Alien was a pretty funny story. I remember he had his homing beacon in Robin’s bedroom. It was a little piece of a crystal that had broken off from the big orb. I remember lying on Robin’s bed and they had some sort of light hooked up to the crystal. It would glow whenever Casey was near. It definitely wasn’t your typical soap opera story and it was funny, especially for a kid to play.”


“During the AIDS story I got to go talk to a lot of people with AIDS. I remember we did an ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL called POSITIVE: A JOURNEY INTO AIDS. I went to hospices around town and did AIDS walks in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami…everywhere. That was a really cool experience. I got to research what was going on with my character and learn what was going on in the world and apply that. ”

“The day that Stone died, Francesca James was producing. I had been crying for about a year and half straight, every single day. I was just so exhausted and kind of numb, but I really wanted to make the last moments palpable. Francesca didn’t say anything. She came out from the booth, stood next to me, and held my hand and rubbed it. She is such a sensitive woman that I felt safe. It helped me be able to get through those last scenes, which was basically Michael (Sutton, Stone) and I being vulnerable to whatever was going to happen. Francesca nurtured the both of us through the whole thing.”

“I liked the very first girls’ night out. It was the Patrick fantasy scenes where Becky (Herbst, Elizabeth), Natty (Livingston, Emily), Minae (Noji, Kelly), Kent (Masters King, Lainey) and I all got to make out with Jason (Thompson, Patrick). That was so great. It was the first time I got to really work with all of the girls at once. We all got together in my dressing room that morning and started to run lines. That’s how we really started to bond as friends in real life. It was from that moment. I remember we all went out to lunch, after we did the scenes. Jason was the only guy there. It was hilarious. He was sitting there with five women that he just made out with. We were teasing him, asking him who was the best kisser and really giving him a hard time. He was like, ‘Somehow I feel like I should just buy lunch.’ And he did.”