Kimberlin Brown: Oh, Sheila

Soap Opera Weekly: Can fans expect to see the same Sheila?
Kimberlin Brown: Sheila is Sheila. People change over time. There’s no doubt about that. [One] apparent change in Sheila is that she’s very calm. She seems to have it together.

Weekly: What is it like to be back where it all started?
Brown: I’m excited. This is the original team that created Sheila, Jack (Smith; co-executive producer/head writer) and Kay (Alden, head writer). The only thing that would make it better is if Bill (Bell) was still here, but it’s phenomenal to be working with Ed (Scott; supervising producer). He’s a producer who has so much energy and he feeds that energy to his actors. It’s great to see all the crew and there’s even crew from BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as well, so that’s great.

Weekly: Do you enjoy the shroud of secrecy that always surrounds Sheila?
Brown: Yes, I do. I think that’s what has made my character so popular. People never know what she’s going to do next. When I’m told I can’t say anything to the press, I don’t say anything to the press, and I don’t say anything to my mother.

Weekly: Were you surprised by the offer?
Brown: I’m glad I got the phone call. It was completely out of left field. I got a call from Jack saying, “Would you consider it?” I said, “I’ll consider everything, but I need to know more about it and what you’ve got in mind.” We stayed in touch for about a month and a half, actually.

Weekly: Were there any nerves over coming back?
Brown: I wasn’t nervous. I’m playing Sheila. I can’t get nervous about being what I’ve been for so many years. It’s excitement.

Weekly: Did you feel conflicted over leaving ONE LIFE TO LIVE and the recurring role of Paige?
Brown: I’d been playing Paige since September, and it was difficult for me, because I loved working with Bobby [Robert S. Woods, Bo]. I fell in love with him while I was working with him. He’s an amazing man. That made it hard, but at the same time, Bob always told me, “Kimberlin, it’s called show business, and it is a business.” He was incredibly supportive.

Weekly: Were you enjoying your time in New York?
Brown: I had a great time in New York once I got to know some people. Bobby was wonderful. We’d go over to Central Park to the Ballpark Cafè and have burgers. Eddie (Alderson, Matthew) would come along. The three of us would sit over there and watch softball and eat burgers. It was great. Doreen Gillis in makeup and I would go out on occasion and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) and I. I know Shelley Honigbaum, one of the producers on the show, very well. That’s actually why I went there. She’d e-mailed and asked me if I wanted to come to the show.

Weekly: Does everyone contact you directly instead of going through your agent?
Brown: I don’t have an agent. I have a manager. It’s working for me.

Weekly: How is the family doing?
Brown: Amazing. The kids (Alexes, 11 and Nicholas, 7) are at camp in Arizona. They love it. My daughter wants to stay a month at a time. I don’t think so! They’re beautiful children, inside and out. I’m very fortunate. Very lucky.

Weekly: Didn’t you have something to do with that?
Brown: Gee, I hope so (laughs)! I play Sheila at home, too. You don’t want to get mommy mad.

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