Kim Possible

“I’m flattered that the fans still talk about me even though it’s been years since I’ve been on the show,” Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin, GENERAL HOSPITAL) smiles after Digest reveals that she is one of fans’ most asked about (and asked about, and asked about….) former daytime stars. “I didn’t realize I had such a following.”McCullough, who has just wrapped up an appearance on SOAPnet’s SOAP TALK, is quite stunned to hear about the incredibly large amount of fan mail Digest receives daily … which contains many pleas to ABC to bring her back to GH, which she called home from 1985-96, 1997-98 and, briefly, 1999. “That’s never happened; ABC hasn’t asked me to return to GENERAL HOSPITAL,” McCullough states. “They may have talked to me about [a possible return] after I first left the show, but nothing happened with that.” A glaring snub? Although angry fans believe that to be the case, the actress doesn’t see it as one. “I don’t feel slighted at all,” she insists. “The way soap operas work is three years or nothing. I can’t commit to that and because things are going so well, I don’t want to right now. If they asked me back for something other than that, I would definitely consider it.”ALL MY CHILDREN beat GH to the punch, however, when the soap came calling in 2001. McCullough agreed to make a guest appearance in which her GH character, Robin, discovered that her mother, Anna, was alive and living in Pine Valley. “That was great,” she smiles. “Finola [Hughes, ex-Anna] is so cool; I absolutely love her and I loved working with her again.” Although daytime will always remain an option, McCullough is busy promoting THE STONES, a mid-season sitcom (which stars Judith Light, ex-Karen, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and is helmed by the producers of WILL & GRACE) scheduled to debut on CBS on March 17. “We taped nine episodes,” she says. “So now, I’m just waiting to see the reaction to it and hoping people will like it. I encourage the fans to watch it because I’m a recurring character right now. But if they like me, I could keep coming back.” The series focuses on a family in which the parents decide to divorce after 25 years of marriage, while the kids try to keep them together. McCullough, who had never tried comedy, plays the sweet yet dorky Audra. “I didn’t really have an idea of what I was doing or why things were funny at the beginning,” she laughs. “As time went on, I learned a little bit more about that. I just had to watch and learn; comedy is a lot different than drama.”The actress enjoys both genres and is working on a dramatic project that is close to her heart: a movie about her late grandfather, which she wrote and is now directing. “My grandfather had a stroke and tried to end his life by shooting himself in the head,” McCullough confides. “He ended up just shattering his forehead, and he lived through it. That was interesting to me — that someone didn’t want to be taken care of so much to the point that he would rather be dead.” Subject matter aside, making the film has been a tough task for her. “It’s been about two years in the making,” the actress sighs. “I don’t consider myself a great writer, so it took me awhile. Mainly, the problem was getting the money together, getting the crew and assembling the team; that took a long time.”Despite McCullough’s post-GH success, she will always be Robin Scorpio to her fans … which is fine with her. “I know I haven’t shed that image, but it doesn’t bother me at all,” she shrugs. “It’s definitely the most high-profile thing I’ve done, and I love all of my fans; Robin will always be part of me.”