Kevin Spirtas Sings a Different Tune

Dr. Craig Wesley sings a special song to a special couple on DAYS OF OUR LIVES Sept. 12, called “The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days.” Kevin Spirtas, who portrays Craig, so loved the tune that he decided to share it with fans.

“The song comes from a musical called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” says Spirtas. “What I love about it is, it’s a simple, intimate, prayer-like wish. The lyrics are very wishful. ‘I wish you the sweetest of nights, and I wish you the finest of days.’ It’s perfect for weddings, birthdays and celebrations of any kind.”

Spirtas was flattered when the opportunity to sing on the show was extended. “How exciting is that? I don’t know who leaked [that I was a singer] to [head writer] Jim Reilly, but it was great.” The show’s musical department suggested several songs to him. “But I didn’t feel as comfortable with them. I wanted to perform something that meant something, not only to the storyline, but also to me.”

So Spirtas suggested the tune. “This is a song that I have known for over 12 years. I use it as an encore in my one-man show, ‘Night and Days,'” he explains. “I pitched it to the producers and musical directors, and they all agreed that it was a beautiful song, and that I should sing it on this particular episode.”

DAYS music directors Amy Burkhard Evans and Steve Reinhardt both agreed that it should be “a soft-spoken song,” notes Spirtas. “Steve and I both set the tempo, and he created a wonderful arrangement.”

Afterward, Bruce Kimmel, the director of Spirtas’ show, suggested that he consider recording it. “Bruce said, ‘You should think about the fans who might like the song and want to have it,” recalls Spirtas. “I said, ‘What an idea.’ Bruce actually had a musical track for the song that he had done years ago. So we went into the studio and laid down a single. I like the version he had. It had more of a pop quality to it. I liked the difference in that.”

“I hope that people will enjoy it for years to come,” says Spirtas. “At weddings, birthdays, confirmations, graduations…everything!”

The single goes on sale Sept. 12. “Due to the recent state of affairs down in New Orleans, Mississippi, etc…I have IMMEDIATELY decided to give a portion of all CD sales to the Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” Spirtas added. Visit or

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