Kevin Bacon Dishes GL Past

On the February 18 edition of THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, Kevin Bacon stopped by to talk about his new FOX series THE FOLLOWING (which also features Natalie Zea, ex-Gwen, PASSIONS), and recalled his days of playing GUIDING LIGHT's Tim from 1980-81. "I was Tim The Teenage Alcoholic for pretty much the entire year and then I learned something which was very important about soap operas," he explained. "There was a guy who had been on the show for years and he took me aside and he said, 'Ya gotta be careful about doing anything too well because they will write that for you again and again and again.' In this guy's case, he was an amazing crier, like at the drop of a hat, full-on waterworks. And he was kind of like the patriarch on the show and yet, because they saw him cry so well, they had him crying every week, crying, cying, crying all the time and he was like, 'Don't get yourself stuck in that.' So, I was doing a scene where the pressure was building up on Tim again and I was getting more and more angry and I said to the director, 'Hey, I'm thinking about maybe just punching this locker, just out of frustration, punching this locker,' and he said 'Yeah, that's a great idea. Punch the locker.' So, they said action and I punched the locker and the next week, I got a script where I was punching the desk and then I was punching that and punching that. Every week, I was punching something and I became Tim The Teenage Alcoholic Puncher with a swollen hand. This is my first chance to be on television again since then."

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