Keeping Up With Tamara

Soap Opera Digest: Tell us about your new gig on FREDDIE.
Tamara Braun: I play the character of Rose. Rose owns a bakery down the street from Freddie’s restaurant, and Freddie’s losing dessert business and wants to know why. So, he gets it out of one of his loyal customers that he’s seeing someone else for dessert and it’s Rose. He comes down with Chris, Brian Austin Green‘s character, to see who’s stealing all their business. He tries to be charming and help Rose out, but in offering her help he’s really offering her no help. She finds it amusing, but she’s not easily swayed, so she gives Mr. Freddie a run for his money.Digest: What can you tell us about the second episode?
Braun: In the second episode, Rose’s ex-boyfriend, who no one knew about, comes to town and things get really complicated [laughs].Digest: How would you sum up your sitcom experience?
Braun: The experience was great. They are so fantastic. They are kind and funny and warm and welcoming. They treated me so well. Everyone in the cast did. I mainly worked with the guys. I didn’t have scenes with the ladies [in Freddie’s life], but the ladies are fantastic as well. They were a pleasure. An absolute joy.Digest: How would you compare doing a sitcom to doing a soap?
Braun: It’s just a different change of pace. It was a pleasure to do sitcom. I did some sitcom work before I got GH, but nothing that was as substantial a role as this one. It’s always a little rough starting out, but the great thing about sitcom is you have a week to prepare It’s a completely different medium. They change lines on a daily basis. It may be something that you think is funny that doesn’t fly gets changed, or something that the producers and writers think really works and could get expanded. It changes from day to day, where you get rewrites and scenes are massaged. But it’s all fun.Digest: Did you enjoy doing comedy for a change?
Braun: Well, I’m more of a straight guy here. When you’re the guest, you’re not generally the one who gets to come in and be funny. You’re more of a function. But I’ve got the show on my TiVo now. It’s really a cute show!Digest: It sounds like a really rich part. Any chance it could become recurring?
Braun: I’ve heard that mentioned, so it could be. You never know.Digest: So what’s next?
Braun: There are irons in the fire, thank you. As soon as I do have some confirmation, I will definitely let you know.Digest: Thanks, Tamara. We’ll be watching.

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