Keen Eddie

Change is in the air for Eddie Matos — in more ways than one. “I’ve come to a crossroads in my life,” Matos confidently acknowledges. “A lot of doors are opening for me, and I’m taking advantage of them.”
But for Matos to be able to walk through those doors, he has had to close some, as well. “I’m taking a leave of absence from my band,” 23 Link Chain, says the actor. “I’m going to try a solo career. I’m going to record some things in Spanish and English.” Matos joined the band, in which he played the drums, sang and wrote many of the lyrics, upon his arrival in Los Angeles a little more than four years ago. “I will always be a musician, and it’s not to say I won’t perform with them. 23 Link Chain started out as the three of us.”
The actor has also hired a new agent with the intent of aggressively pursuing more opportunities. He has already auditioned for television movies and hopes to star in Spanish television. “My heritage will always be important to me, and I’d be proud to do what I love in the language that I love. That’s where I started.”In addition to his mental transformation, Matos has changed physically. “I really got into the rock ‘n’ roll thing on PORT CHARLES, and one day I woke up and was like, ‘Whoa! I need to slow down [laughs].’ ” The actor admits that he took on his alter ego’s personality a bit too much. “I think what happened was, with the storyline on the show with a band — and being in a band in real life — I kind of got sucked into the whole thing,” he explains. “I became this image of what I thought a rocker was, and I’m not really that person. It was one of those situations where you look at yourself and realize that you should’ve shaved and cut your hair long ago [laughs].”
Currently clean-cut and ready to work, Matos is excited about what lies ahead for him. “I’m very confident that this new chapter in my life will provide only good things, professionally and personally. I can’t wait.”

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