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Kate Mansi Opens Up In New Blog

Credit: JPI

In a new blog on, Kate Mansi, who wrapped her DAYS run as Abigail with a powerful story earlier this year — and recently became an aunt for the first time — opens up about her own emotional battles. “I’ve lived the majority of my life with anxiety and depression,” she writes. “I’ve never embraced it, never spoken about it, never wanted it to be part of my story. Until recently. The truth is, depression and anxiety are a part of my story, and I want to make it one of the great parts! That goes along with all the other wonderful parts I have to be grateful for – including my new nephews. I want those boys to grow up in a world that is honest and truthful about mental health so that they never feel alone and will know how to comfort those who do. I want to create momentum to elicit change instead of staying silent and perpetuating stigma.” To read her poignant entry in full, go to: